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Yaskawa AC Drives


Offering Yaskawa AC Drives.

Feature Highlights



Closed or open loop vector control for outstanding regulation, torque production, and position control capability
Continuous Auto-tuning optimizes performance by compensating for changes in motor temperature
High Frequency Injection enables high precision open loop control of Interior Permanent Magnet Motors
Fast acting current and voltage limiters help achieve continuous drive operation during periods of excessive demand
High Slip Braking reduces installation cost and the need for dynamic braking resistors
Communication options for all major industrial networks provides high speed control and monitoring, reducing installation cost
Drive Wizard computer software and Application Sets for easy configuration
Auxiliary Control Power Unit maximizes production time and efficiency by maintaining network communication while main power is removed
Embedded Safe Torque Off minimizes downtime for applications requiring occasional intervention (SIL CL2, PLd, Category 3)
Embedded function blocks, programmable with Drive Works EZ, provide additional application flexibility and the opportunity to eliminate separate controllers
USB Copy Unit and Keypad configuration storage provide speed and convenience for duplicate configuration of multiple drives
Removable terminal board with configuration storage provides convenience of configuration backup
Made with RoHS compliant materials
Integrated DC Reactor (standard on 30HP and larger) for input harmonic reduction
Kinetic Energy Braking allows drive to remain in control during momentary power losses


AC Drive V1000

V1000 is a general purpose inverter drive covering the demands of a wide field of applications including Open-Loop-Vector functionality and the usage of PM motor without feedback Features
Open Loop Vector Control for PM motor operation.
Quick response on load and speed changes to improves machine performance.
Online Auto-Tuning to optimise for improved motor performance at low speed
High flux braking for 50% reduction of braking time
Safe Disable Inputs for Safe Torque OFF


AC Drive J1000

The J1000 meets all automation requirements for compact applications with variable speed operation and energy saving characteristics. A wide range of useful functions upgrade your machine and offer great potentials
Compact – Sleek desing and side by side installation
A Breeze to operate – Easy parameterization with quick setup Mode.
Environmentally friendly – Complaince with Eus RoHs directive
Automatic torque compensation across entire speed range
Stall Prevention Functions for stable operation during changes of load or power supply
Auto speed search functionality
Extensive Braking features


AC Drive A1000

the a1000 is the premium inverter from yaskawa. It provides great operation reliability, environmental benefits and energy savings as well as many other user oriented
encoder less operation of pm motors with full torque at zero speed
advanced auto-tuning functions to adjust automatically motor settings and analyse continuously changes during motor operation to achieve highest machine performance
*advanced energy-saving control technology which improves efficiency and machine productivity incombination with induction and synchronous motor operation

Vari. Speed G7

the Varispeed G7 is the first general-purpose inverter in the world to feature the 3-level control method for 400V with PWM. This control technique solves the problem of micro surges, and makes it possible to use the Varispeed G7 on existing motors.It protects motor winding and bearing and lengthen motor live Features
Accurate Torque control with Advance technology of 3 level control method
Energy Saving control performance reduces the operational cost
Supports gloabal field network communication
Merits of 3-level control method
Low surge voltage
Electrolytic corrosion of motor bearings due to shaft voltage
Low Electrical noise
Leakage current are greatly reduced
Low accoustic noise


AC Drive L1000 A

L1000A is the new special purpose lift inverter drive designed for 3 Million starts at 165% output current It provides advanced control functions to run induction and PM motor applications in geared or gear less elevator systems Features
New sensor-less torque compensation function including anti-rollback function,preventing shock and ensures a smooth start.
New torque ripple suppression function for smooth start/stop and comfortable acceleration and deceleration characteristics.
Overshoot and anti-vibration control including feed forward function, accel/decel compensation and 5 independent S-curve settings which ensure a perfectly smooth ride
UPS and light-load direction search function provide reliable rescue operation.
New stationary Auto-Tuning with closed brake.
One motor contactor solution in compliance with EN81-1


Motion Control

Sigma 5 / Servo Drive

Sigma-5 series offers rotary servo motor, direct drive motor and linear motor.
They cover all market demands with regard to high efficiency, low maintenance and cost effective solution.
Embedded open network, MECHATROLINK, drive, delivers best performace to the machine.


Peak Torque: 350% of rated torque
High resolution encoder:20bit
Voltage : 200 V
Rated Output : 50W to 750W
Rated Speed / Max Speed (rpm) : 3000 / 6000


Super high power rate
Peak Torque: 300% of rated torque
Voltage : 200V


High speed driving of feed shafts
Protective structure: IP67
Voltage : 200V to 400V
Rated Output : 300 W to 15 KW Rated Speed / Max. Speed (rpm) :1500 / 3000


Voltage : 200V and 400V
Rated Output : 1.0 KW 7.0 KW
Rated Speed / Max. Speed (rpm) : 3000 / 6000


Flat Type
Protective structure: IP55
Rated Output : 100W to 1.5KW


Ultra-Small size and capacity
3.3 W to 11 W
17 bit encoder
Maximum speed:6000rpm
Voltage : 24 VDC / 48 VDC, 200 V AC Rated Output : 3.3 W to 30 W



Certified Explosion Proof
Compact and lightweight
Rated Output : 0.2 kW to 2.97 KWRated Speed / Max. Speed (rpm) : 3000 / 5000


Motoman Spot Welding Robots

Motoman innovations in the robotic spot welding market include ES-series “Expert Spot” robots with an integrated spot harness. With spot utilities (power, water, air, motor and signal lines) integrated into the profile of the robot arm, automotive OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers realize increased flexibility and higher up time. Motoman’s patented multiple robot control technology allows close interaction of several arms working on a car body without fear of collision.
Motoman’s latest innovation is the 7-axis VS50 spot welding robot. Designed to take full advantage of proven Direct Current (DC) weld timers and servo controlled actuators, Motoman is introducing a series of light weight “mini-guns.” These powerful, compact spot guns weigh less than 50 kg, but deliver high performance with 600 kgf clamping pressure and 15,000 Amps of welding current. The low profile and “elbow” on the VS50 robot allow it to be positioned close to the vehicle. It can reach underneath or inside confined spaces. The 6-axis MS80 robot complements the 7-axis VS50 arm and has a slim profile and longer reach for windshields and pillars. These smaller, faster spot welding robots are designed to be used with full-size ES165D/ES200D model with larger guns to maximize robot density in a welding station. This “high-density” approach reduces takt time and shortens the production

Motoman Press Tending Robot

Yaskawa offers a variety of solutions for forming applications. We have a wide range of six-axis robots with payloads up to 600 kg.A Floor-mounted or inverted MotoRail ,¢ tracks are also available. If the part being produced exceeds the capability of a single robot, a second robot can be added on the floor or a track. These multiple robot applications benefit from our patented multiple robot control, which provides coordinated motion that is extremely valuable when two robots are handling a single part.
In press tending or high duty cycle stamping applications, our Expert Press or Expert Press Handling robots are ideal. These robots are designed with heavy duty drive systems and have higher vibration ratings for use in the press room. Some models are designed to work with our parallel link tool that allows the robot to be used on a press line without rotating the dies, a common request from some stampers.
With ever-changing parts and smaller lot sizes, flexibility is the key to the automation puzzle. Our robots allow for quick changeover from part to part, and multiple robots can be programmed to work together for multi-stage processes. By utilizing robotic automation, users will also improve operator safety by eliminating manual press loading and repetitive lifting. Our highly flexible solutions offer significant value that will reduce your costs and improve productivity.

Motoman Palletizing Robot

With over 250,000 robots installed worldwide and the broadest range robots on the market, Motoman Robotics is the global leader. From primary packaging to palletizing our robots handle a wide variety of food, beverage and consumer products.
Ever-changing products and packaging configurations require companies to manage endless variation in their manufacturing process. Our robots are accompanied bysoftware and vision capabilities that help companies meet the demands of today’s food and consumer products marketplace.

Motoman Painting Robot

Flexible, high-performance Motoman paint robots increase finishing quality, consistency and throughput, while dramatically lowering operating costs and decreasing wasted material. Our complete line of paint robots provides versatility and superior performance in standard industrial, automotive and aerospace coating and dispensing applications.
These application-specific paint robots can be used for primer, base coat, finish coat, clear coat and spray dispensing, using water-based, solvent-based, powder, glaze and glue/adhesive materials. They efficiently coat complex parts of nearly any size and shape, including recesses, curved and contoured surfaces — without runs or sags.
Motoman paint robots can be programmed to apply coating materials to different areas of the part to various film thicknesses. They are available with a variety of hollow, Lemma, three-roll and standard wrists to suit your coating application needs. Paint robots use a special controller with a Factory Mutual (FM) Class 1,

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