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About us

Reliance High Tech Ltd
Reliance High Tech Ltd. offers a full range of specialized engineering and management services to the international customer. Reliance’s professionals are engineers, engineering group managers, manufacturing, test, and program managers with a proven track record of successful work with international companies, equipments distributors and all types of electro-mechanical device suppliers. Our vision is to service our customers as a complete solution provider while providing superior technical assistance, consulting, and management.

Company information:

Reliance High Tech Ltd.

Reliance operates under the following four divisions:

  • Automation
  • IT
  • Energy
  • Safety & Security

Our Services:

Maintenance & Support:
Reliance’s maintenance teams are trained by engineers with excellent knowledge of modern protocols, yielding efficient on-line maintenance, faster off-line repair sequences, and overall better performance. Our maintenance strengths are further bolstered when partnered with our excellent management teams.

Instrumentation & Control:
Reliance’s systems integration teams are highly experienced in control systems design, facility-wide systems integration, and implementing modern safety protocols from the ground up, providing the most up-to-date facility management tools available today.

Designated Engineering Representatives:
Reliance maintains a professional network of Designated Engineering Representatives (DERs) in order to facilitate expedited solutions when problems are founded in maintenance.

Engineering Services:
Reliance offers a full research and development platform for the creation of new automation systems, as well as for updating existing systems to meet new requirements. Reliance’s R&D capabilities extend beyond that of a mere industrial company, with tendrils reaching into academic research institutions (detail below) and outside as-needed consultants.