RTTI- Reliance Technical Training Institute

Engr. Khandaker Marsus

B.Sc. in Electrical & Electronic Engineering (EEE), RUET
M.Sc. in Information Technology (MIT)
Master of Business Administration (MBA), NIBM, India
MIEB(Member of IEB), MIEB-M/37140
Member of IEEE-90613053
IAENG (International Association of Engineers), IAENG-169937

Trained in PLC, HMI Advanced Course from NFI Automation, New Delhi, India
Trained in SCADA, DCS Advanced Course from IT & Automation Academy, Pakistan
Trained in Advance CNC, from National Automation, Patna, India
Trained in Microcontroller from Institution of Engineers, Bangladesh
Trained in Pneumatic and Hydraulic systems, Festo
Trained in Arduiono from NFI Automation, New Delhi, India
Trained in ABB DCS, ABB
Trained in Cisco Certified Network Associates, CISCO
Trained in MikroTik Certified Network Associate(MTCNA), Bijoy Online
Trained in Broadband Communication & Networking
Trained in Windmill, RENIBIAK E SYSTEM
Managing Director, Reliance High Tech Ltd.
Sr. Automation Engineer, Hi-Tech Bangla (Bangladesh) Ltd, Bangladesh (USA Based Company)
Automation Trainer, IEB (Institute Engineers Bangladesh), Rajshahi
Chief Technical Officer, Web Developer Phasor IT, Dhaka

Chief Instructor at

Reliance Technical Training Institute &

Managing Director
Reliance High Tech Ltd.

Engr. Md. Abdullah Al Shoeb 

B.Sc. in Electrical & Electronic Engineering (EEE), AIUB
Trained in PLC, VFD, HMI Advanced Course from PLC  Bangladesh 
Trained in AutoCAD 2D.
Trained in AutoCAD Electrical.
Sr. Lecturer Reliance Technical Training Institute.  
Engr. at  Reliance High Tech Ltd.

Sr. Lecturer at
Reliance Technical Training Institute 
Reliance High Tech Ltd.