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Lenze Automation Products




We are one of the leading suppliers of Lenze Automation products. These are used to provide automatic control for the wide range of machines. Highly efficient, these machines have input/ output interface and are easily programmable. Simple to use, these precisely engineered products are optimum in quality.




Human Machine Interface

We are instrumental in bringing forth a advanced Human Machine Interface. These easy to operate interfaces have text display of 2 to 4 line displays with background lighting along with a system bus & many other systems and functional keys. Apart from this, our human machines interface touchscreen with high resolution of 4′ to 10.4′.

Graphic Display: compact unit with its integrated system bus is capable of handling recipes and displaying data graphically
Hand held: The ability to access the console directly while visualizing machine and workpiece status speeds up commissioning
User-friendly programming environment featuring optimum device configurations for Lenze controllers




ECS Servo System

Our systems are used for applications in the packaging industry. These servo systems work with central supply and axis modules that can have high load capacities, ranging from 100 % to 220% for output peak currents between 4 and 64 A.



Drive PLC Panel

Our esteemed clients can avail from us a broad assortment of Drive PLC Panel. These panels are fabricated by our business associates in strict compliance with international quality standards. Further, we offer these panels in various specifications to cater to the different requirements of our clients.

Servo PLC

We have in our store a highly advanced 9300 Servo PLC. These servo controllers are easy to program as these are integrated with IEC 61131-3 languages technology. Our 9300 servo PLC is known for its versatility and flexibility. Due to these features, these can be used in many applications. The 9300 servo PLC is available in power rating 0.37 to 75 kw.
Other details:
655 kB program memory
7 kB EEPROM parameter memory
11.2 kB RAM
192 B power fail-safe RAM
1 cyclical task
8 time or event-controlled tasks
Min. task run time: 1 ms
Bit operation processing time: 0.7 µs
Ready-to-use solutions for:
Master/slave applications
Point-to-point positioning drives
Cam drives with individual motion profiles
Winding drives with dancer control or tensile force control




I/O System

We are engaged in providing I/O Systems that are used in complex automation applications. Excellent in quality and competitive in price, these systems are durable and are known for wear & tear resistance. We offer these systems in different specifications to cater to the different needs of the clients.


Compact System:


Our compact systems come in limited number of digital input and output options. These are available in 8, 16 and 32-channel modules in single or three-wire technology.


Modular System:


These I/O systems have three components such as can gateway, electronic modules and the back plane bus. Available in digital, analog and counter modules in up to 32 modules, these can be configured accordingly to form a complete station for any specific application.



Lenze Servo Inverters


We have in our store Lenze Servo Inverters that are easy to configure. Available in many configurations, these Lenze servo inverters are used in single axis and multi-axis applications. Besides, these inverters have modular safety engineering and back plane systems that allow these machines to perform efficiently for longer periods.




Inverter Drives 8400 High Line

Connections: start/stop, analog inputs/outputs (2/2), freely programmable digital inputs/outputs (7/4)
Communication: CANopen on board, Ether CAT, Ether Net/IP, POWER LINK, PROFIBUS, PROFINET
Suitable for drive applications with or without speed feedback
Integrated positioning control
Up to 15 selectable positioning points included each of the corresponding travel profiles
Integrated brake management
“VFC eco” energy-saving function
STO safety function

Servo Drives 9400 High LineHot Product

Connections: start/stop, analog inputs/outputs (2/2), freely programmable digital inputs/outputs (8/4)
Resolver and universal multi-encoder input
Communication: CAN open, Device Net, Ether CAT, Ethernet, Ether Net/IP, POWER LINK, PROFIBUS, PROFINET
Supports synchronous and asynchronous motors
Scalable memory thanks to multiple memory modules
Versatile and freely configurable technology functions, e.g. for table positioning, positioning controls, electronic gearboxes and cams
Scalable safety functions

Servo Drives 9400 High Line

I700 Inverter

I700 InverterHot Product
Connections: digital inputs/outputs (2/0)
Resolver and encoder feedback
Communication: Ether CAT
Axis modules capable of multiple overloads for peak output currents between 5 and 64 A, double axes up to 32 A
The servo inverter for Controller-based Automation in conjunction with the various types of Controllers
CIA 402 operating modes (position, velocity, torque-control, velocity-mode)

9300 Servo Inverters

We are engaged in providing an intelligent 9300 Servo Inverters that are installed to control independently the sub-processes within the machines. The function blocks can be interconnected as per the requirement to extend the individual drives taking the existing standard application as the starting point. This facilitates the modular engineering by taking off the pressure from the central control.

Lenze Servo Inverter I700

Servo Inverter i700

Features :


Generation Easy for multi-axis applications.
New inverter for controlled, dynamic motion.
Output current: 2.5 to 32 A (0.75 to 15 kW)
Particularly suitable for: handling and packaging machines and robotic applications
Resolver feedback
Communication: EtherCAT
Axis modules capable of multiple overloads for peak output currents between 5 and 64 A
The servo inverter for Controller-based Automation in conjunction with the Controller 3200 C

L Force 940 Position Servo Drives

Our clients can avail from us L Force 940 Position Servo Drives that operate in power range of 0.25 to 2.2 kW. These easy to use servo drives have high load capacity of up to 300%. Owing to their compact design, these motors are naturally ventilated and are easy to clean. Our L Force 940 Position Servo Drives achieve torque between 0.45 to 11 Nm.




L-Force Servo Drives 930

We provide a range L-Force Servo Drives 930, which is easy to configure function block structure. These highly advanced servo drive systems provide power in range of 0.37 to 30 kw. With a comprehensive communication interface and encoder interfaces, these are easy to control through digital inputs/outputs or field bus. Other features of these servo drives are as follows:
Single axis and multi-axis applications
Modular safety engineering
Innovative back plane system

L-Force 9400 Servo System

We are instrumental in bringing forth L-Force 9400 Servo System. Manufactured using highly advanced micro processor technology by our business associates, our L-force 9400 servo systems provide high power and superior performance for a longer period of time. These intelligent devices have freely configurable control structure and can be controlled with the digital inputs/outputs and field bus. Some other features of these systems are given below:
Intelligent servo drive system
Power range 0.37 to 30 kW
Comprehensive encoder interfaces
Comprehensive communication interfaces




We have in our store Servo Inverters that are easy to configure. Available in many configurations, these servo inverters are used in single axis and multi-axis applications. Besides, these inverters have modular safety engineering and back plane systems that allow these machines to perform efficiently for longer periods.

Lenze L-force Servo Drives 930

Lenze ECS Servo System

We have in our store ECS Servo Systems that are optimized specially for dynamic multi-applications like feeders and unloaders in industrial handling systems, gantry systems and machine tools. Our systems are also used for applications in the packaging industry. These servo systems work with central supply and axis modules that can have high load capacities, ranging from 100 % to 220% for output peak currents between 4 and 64 A.




i700 Servo Inverter




Lenze Inverter Drives 8400 protec

Inject new life into horizontal and vertical materials handling applications
Decentralised inverters: suitable for wall mounting with pluggable connection system
Power range: 0.75 to 4.0 kW (2.4 to 9.5 A)
Particularly suitable for: scissor lift tables in the field of intralogistics and in the automotive industry.
Connections: start/stop, analog input, freely programmable digital inputs and outputs (4/2)
Communication: CANopen, PROFIBUS, PROFINET
Easy commissioning with plug technology (plug and drive)
Fast availability
LED display and status LED
High degree of protection IP65

Inverter Drives 8400 Motec

Decentralised inverters: mounted directly on the motor or to the wall.
Power range: 0.37 to 7.5 kW (1.3 to 16.5 A)
Particularly suitable for: travelling and conveyor drives in the field of intralogistics, fans and pump drives.
Connections: start/stop, analog input, freely programmable digital inputs and outputs (5/1)
Communication: AS-Interface, CANopen, EtherCAT, PROFIBUS, PROFINET
Easy commissioning with plug technology (plug and drive)
Modular design consisting of drive unit, communication unit and wiring unit modules
Large diagnostics LED display clearly visible from a distance
High degree of protection up to IP66






Packaging machines, robotic and handling systems are often particularly challenging from the standpoint of automation technology. They require a powerful and homogeneous system capable of controlling coordinated movements along several axes. The system must also be able to assume the control function of a linear process.
For these automation tasks, you will find the controllers you need for controller-based and drive-based automation.




PLC Controller 3200 C

PLC Controller 3200 CHot Product
Logic (PLC), motion and visualisation in a single device
Easy engineering with remote data storage
High-precision control for optimum production results
Easy mounting onto a DIN rail in the control cabinet
I/O system 1000 can be directly connected as local I/Os
Top performance and maintenance free in the smallest of spaces without forced cooling and other moving components
Prepared for the future thanks to compliance with industrial standards
IEC 61131-3, PLCopen, PLC Designer based on CoDeSys 3
Industrial communication: EtherCAT on board and Ethernet switch integrated
Intel Atom® processor


Item Code: C300

Small control system with I/O modules which can be connected in series and integrated master interfaces for EtherCAT and CanOpen
Easy standard set-up and data backup via USB flash drive
Can be extended with communication interfaces (PROFIBUS slave, PROFINETdevice)
Future-proof due to compliance with industrial standards
High system-availability
Integrated UPS solution
Easy device replacement thanks to replaceable memory card
No need for maintenance thanks to battery-free and fanless design

Controller P500
Logic (PLC), motion and visualization in a single device
Machine-oriented and high-precision control for optimum manufacturing results
IEC 61131-3, PLC open, PLC Designer based on CoDeSys 3
Industrial communication: Ether CAT on board and Ethernet switch integrated

Controller P300
Item Code: P300

Robust industry-compliant Panel Controller available in sizes 10.9 cm (4.3″), 17.8 cm (7″) and 6.4 cm (10.4″)
For basic to complex control and visualization tasks
Uniform engineering in all phases of the customer’s machine development process
High degree of system availability
Simple device replacement via replaceable memory card
No maintenance required thanks to battery less and fan less design

Industrial PCs Embedded Line
Customized IPC solutions thanks to the scalable front and computer modules
Installation in control cabinets, machine enclosures or other mounting cut-outs, minimal installation depth
For harsh industrial environments, up to IP65 degree of protection
Industrial communication: CANopen, Ethernet, PROFIBUS,RS232/RS422/RS485
Simple mounting
Computing power, RAM, mass storage and connection options can be scaled to specifications

Industrial Pcs Command Station

Command station with an attractive design housing
Command station in IP65 degree of protection – protection against dust and spray water
Industrial communication: CAN open, Ethernet, PROFIBUS,RS232/RS422/RS485
Customized operator concept thanks to the wide range of options and add-on operator consoles

Industrial Pcs and Control Cabinet Pcs
Industrial PC for control cabinet installation, IP20 enclosure

Human Machine Interfaces
Item Code: EL100

Cost-effective and powerful HMIs for controlling and monitoring
Displays sizes ranging from 8.9 cm (3.5″) to 26.4 cm (10.4″)
Industrial communication: CAN open, Ethernet, PROFIBUS/MPI
Tried-and-tested IPC standard interface with which to communicate with Lenze control components or other controllers
Runtime Software: Visu, Logic
Standard Windows® CE operating system

Monitor Panels

In two design versions
Embedded Line for installation
Command station
Data transfer via digital DVI video interface
Operator terminal with integrated keyboard or touch screen
Operator terminal compatible with all Lenze Industrial PCs

I/O System 1000

12.5 mm narrow I/O modules with 8 connection points
Permanent wiring thanks to the two-part concept
Base module and electronic module
Bus coupler for industrial communication: CAN open, Device Net, Ether CAT, Mod bus/RS485, PROFIBUS, PROFINET
Can be mounted onto the DIN rail without the need for tools
Clear labeling concept and diagnostic concept
An LED and a labeling field are clearly assigned to each channel
64 modules can be connected in series using a back plane bus
Easy to connect thanks to the connection plan on the module




Lenze Servo & Three Phase AC Motors


Our clients can avail from us Lenze Servo & Three-phase AC Motors that are constructed in adherence to set norms of the industry and function efficiently even in high power fluctuations. Owing to their compact design, these motors cover very less space and can be installed easily. Furthermore, we offer these motors at reasonable prices.




Synchronous Servo Motors

We are engaged in supplying Synchronous Servo Motors. Constructed in strict compliance with the quality standards by our business associates, these motors perform exceptionally well for a longer period of time. These are available in following range:
SDSGS synchronous servo motor:
The SDSGS synchronous servo motors are compact in size and provide of torque range of 0.45 to 11 Nm. Naturally-ventilated, these motors have smooth surfaces and are easy to clean and maintain.
MCS synchronous servo motor:
MCS synchronous servo motors offer rated torque between the range 0.5 to 51 Nm, with a peak torque value of 191 Nm. Constructed using single element pole technology, the stator of these motors are fully encapsulated. Owing to the superior grade magnetic material and specially designed pole formats, these motors have enhanced power density and allow maximum concentricity factor.
MDSLS servo spindle motor:
We offer MDSLS servo spindle motors that find application in welding guns, presses and seaming applications. This mechatronic unit with an integrated ball screw provides optimum feed rate of up to 250 mm/s and a force of up to 15 kN.

Standard Asynchronous Motors

We are instrumental in bringing forth a highly efficient Standard Asynchronous Motors. These motors are designed using high tech technology and have good endurance of wide voltage fluctuations. Further, our asynchronous motors are easy to maintain and have less operational cost.


13.750 standard asynchronous motor:
Owing to their compact design, these asynchronous motors in the 13.750 series require less space for installation. These motors operate in the power range of 30 to 250 W and are used in numerous industrial applications.
13.710 standard asynchronous motor:
The asynchronous motors in the 13.710 series are naturally ventilated and have no fans, hence, make no noise. Operating in a power range of 12 to 90 W, these motors are easy to clean and find application in production areas where environment contains a lot of dust and fluff.
MDXMA standard asynchronous motor:
The MDXMA standard asynchronous motor is 3-phase AC motors that work within the power range of 0.25 to 22 kW. Due to their numerous options like brakes, feedback systems and fans, these asynchronous motors are used in areas where precise control and broad setting range are required.

Asynchronous Servo Motors

Our clients can avail from us a wide assortment of Asynchronous Servo Motors. Known for their sturdy construction, these motors are optimum in performance and are reckoned for trouble-free functioning. We offer following types of motors:
SDSGA asynchronous servo motors:
We offer SDSGA asynchronous servo motors that have plug-in connections that allow quick mounting and easy maintenance. These motors provide torques between 0.27 to 5.1 Nm and have outstanding smooth running characteristics.
MCA asynchronous servo motors:
The MCA asynchronous servo motors offer rated torques of up to 61.4 Nm and peak torque values of up to 300 Nm. Our MCA asynchronous motors are known for their sturdy construction, compact design and low moments of inertia.
MDFQA asynchronous servo motors:
MDFQA asynchronous servo motors have large bearing that is specially designed to function efficiently and consistently at high torque. These through-blown motors provide regular torques of 75 to 480 Nm and peak torque values of up to 1600 Nm.



Lenze Gearboxes & Geared Motors


We are engaged in providing an extensive assortment of Lenze Gearboxes and Geared Motors for our esteemed clients. Available in many capacities and designs, our geared motors are used in packaging & automotive industries and wood working machines and chemical. Dimensional precision and durability have made these products an ideal choice for our clients.




G-Motion Gearboxes & Geared Motors

G-Motion Gearboxes & Geared MotorsHot Product
Our clients can avail from us G-Motion Gearboxes and Geared Motors. These are sourced from reputed brands like Lenze AG , AC Tech and INTORQ. Our motors are in compliance with IP55 standards and also fulfill the norms of efficiency class EFF 2. Owing to the the integral temperature sensor and use of class F thermal insulation in class B, these motors work efficiently with frequency inverter operation. We offer G-motion geared motors in power range from 0.06 to 45 kW.
Featuring a wide variety of geared motors in the following variants:
Helical gearboxes
Shaft-mounted helical gearboxes
Bevel gearboxes
Helical-bevel gearboxes
Helical-worm gearboxes

G-Motion Servo Motors

We offer G-motion Servo that is sourced from reputed companies like Lenze AG , AC Tech and INTORQ. Our Lenze geared servo motors come in power range of 0.25 to 20.3 kW. In combination with Lenze servo controllers, these geared motors form perfect drive pair and give top class performance.
Power range of the synchronous servo motors: 0.25 – 10 kW
Power range of the asynchronous servo motors: 0.8-20.3 kW
Servo-planetary gearboxes

Worm & Planetary Geared Motors

We are engaged in providing Worm & Planetary Geared Motors. Sourced from the prominent global organizations like Lenze AG , AC Tech and INTORQ, our range of Worm & Planetary Geared Motors are available in following models:
SSN worm geared motor :
Our SSN worm geared motors have mounting options with B14 flange, B14 hollow shaft and B3 foot mounting. These attributes provide high degree of adaptability. Way in which the selected material are machined ensure a long service life.
SPL planetary geared motors :
SPL planetary geared motors feature smooth housings. The optimized design allows for space-saving installation and variable motor mounting using standard IEC sizes.

G-motion ATEX Motors

We are instrumental in providing a G-motion ATEX Motors that is used in a wide range of industrial applications. To ensure superior performance and long life, we procure our products from Lenze AG, AC Tech and INTORQ. Competitive in price, these optimal quality products are excellent in finish and anti-corrosive. The various industries where our G-Motion ATEX products are used in following industries:
Material handling technology, logistics, transport
Building services engineering, including air conditioning
Packaging technology
Automotive industry (paint finishing systems)
Wood working machines
Chemicals and processing industries
Municipal facilities (waste water treatment plants, bio-gas plants)
Food, beverages and tobacco industries
Process engineering

G-Motion EHB Geared Motors

We have in our store G-Motion EHB Geared Motors that is used in monorail overhead conveyors for light load applications. Our range of G-motion EHB geared motors comes in two frames of sizes GKK04 and GKK05 for light weight up to 5600 N/8000 N and torque of up to 70 Nm/160 Nm. Sourced from the international brands like Lenze AG , AC Tech and INTORQ , these motors are appreciated for their superior quality, efficient and durable performance.
For heavier loads of 10,000 to 36,000 N and torques from 200 to 900 Nm, frame sizes GKK 05 to 07 are also available. Their high point is their dimensional accuracy and tolerance that allows it to function without distortion even at high radial forces. The precise helical bevel teeth allows efficient matching of torque to speed and smooth operation of the motors.
Prominent features of these motors are as follows:
Output torques of up to 900 Nm
Reinforced bearings for supporting high radial loads of up to 36,000 N
Mechanical disconnect clutch interrupts torque for manual movement of the carriage
Helical bevel teeth ensure operation with a high degree of efficiency
Compact housing design corresponding to the “C1 standard” for light load applications
New carriage design with tapped holes on the top and bottom of the gearbox offers additional mounting options
Low noise thanks to optimized teeth geometry and internally-ribbed cast iron housing
Smooth running for vibration-free operation
Co-ordinated decentralized motor control systems with all the options of automated motion control








Intorq Brakes & Clutches


We have in our store a wide gamut of INTORQ Brakes and Clutches. These brakes are used in many machines and dynamic applications to stop the operation. Due to their superior design and dimensional accuracy, INTORQ brakes efficiently transfer the torque of machine without much wear. INTORQ brakes and clutches are used in automation systems and mechanical applications.




Electromagnetic Clutches & Brakes

Electromagnetic Clutches & BrakesHot Product
We are instrumental in offering Electromagnetic Clutches and Brakes (INTORQ 14. 105 / 115). These brakes are used in machines with a central drive to control the speeds of secondary drives. Our electromagnetic clutches and brakes are appreciated for their fast operation, low vibration and smooth transfer of torque.
Clutch and braking torques from 7. 5–480 Nm
7 sizes
DC voltage: 24 v
Thermal class b (130 °c)
Torque transfer with no torsional backlash
Wide range of applications thanks to the various types of magnet and armature element
Short operating times and low motor moment of inertia mean high switching frequencies
Application areas :
Packaging machines
Mechanical and apparatus engineering
Printing machinery

Clutch-Brake Combinations

We offer a highly efficient Clutch-Brake Combinations that provide the acceleration and deceleration at constant speed of the driving motors. These brakes have patented technology that ensures adjustable wear and easy maintenance. Accurate in design, these durable brakes are in conformation with the defined industry standards.
Characteristic torques of 7.5–120 Nm
Brake and clutch mounted in a housing
Rapid acceleration and deceleration at constant motor speed
Easy to maintain as result of patented wear compensation system
Available with motor and gearbox from the Lenze programme
Application areas:
Packaging and labeling machines
Filling plants




Spring Operated Brakes

We are engaged in providing Spring-operated Brakes ( INTORQ BFK458) that can adapted to be used with almost every application. These single-operated brakes are known for their versatility and and strength. Our BFK 458 brakes find application in warehousing, wood working machines, motors, cranes, industrial trucks and stage machinery.
INTORQ BFK458 has following features:
Braking torque: 2-600 Nm
Sizes in CSA-CUS design
DC voltages: 24, 103, 180, 205 V
Thermal class F (155 °C)
Preset air gap
Braking torque can be reduced (module E)
Long rotor/hub guide with low rate of wear
Manual release facilities for all sizes
Air gap and wear monitoring (optional)

Disc Brakes ( Intorq Bfk466)

We are one of the prominent providers of Disc Brakes ( INTORQ BFK466). These spring-operated brakes come in the form of a caliper and have good braking torque. The big working air gap allows the smooth operation without making any sound. Our INTORQ BFK466 is appropriate for disc brakes upto 10, 000 nm. These brakes are suitable for multiple and redundant arrangements. Their features are as follows:
High braking torque and large working air gap
Release without residual torque and quiet operation
Optimal contour adaptation to the design of the motor
High magnetic forces caused by over excitation when releasing
“Cold brake” through holding current derating
Air gap or wear monitoring using micro switch

Double Spring Operated Brakes (Intorq Bfk454)
Our clients can avail from us Double Spring-operated Brakes (INTORQ BfFK454) that are used for the safe raising and lowering of hoists & lifts. The braking torque in these brakes range between 15-400 Nm and can be adjusted according to the application. These brakes have following features:
Small unit volumes with 80 % redundant braking torque
Low motor moment of inertia
Simple maintenance and monitoring of dual-circuit function

Spring Operated Brakes ( Intorq Bfk468)

We offer quality Spring-operated Brakes ( INTORQ BFK468) that are known in the industry for their superior standards. These brakes with multi pole system provide double braking torque in comparison with BFK 458. Owing to the big working air gap, the maintenance requirement is reduced considerably. The features of these brakes are given below:
Fixed or adjustable braking torque
“Cold brake” by holding current derating
Short operating times on AC side

Mechatronic Braking Systems

We have in our store an extensive range of Mechatronic Braking Systems. Our braking systems are used in many applications such as industrial trucks, escalators, cranes and automation technology.
These can be operated with DC voltages 24 V, 48 V and main supply. The braking torque varies between 20-100 Mk. For flexible networking, the systems are provided with CAN bus.
These operate in following modes:
Pedal-operated brakes (manual input of braking torque)
Ramp-controlled brakes (time-controlled input of braking torque)
Sensor-controlled brakes (load-dependent input of braking torque)
Speed-controlled brake (stopping time independent of load and speed)
Other electrical accessories that come along with it are as follows:
High-speed switchgear
Electronic switchgear
Half-wave and bridge rectifiers
Spark suppressors

We are instrumental in bringing forth a wide assortment of Spring Operated Brakes ( INTORQ Bfk457). With their compact construction consisting of rotor and flanges, these brakes provide brake torque of 0.12 to 125 Nm. The integral fixing screws allow easy and fast installation. Further features of these brakes are as follows:
9 sizes
DC voltages: 24, 205 V
Fixed air gap
Noise-reduced double spring-operated brake <50 dB(A)
Our Spring Operated Brakes ( INTORQ Bfk457) find application in following areas:
Small motors
Vehicles for the disabled
Automation systems
General mechanical engineering

Lenze System Cables

For a quick connection
Easily connect motors to inverters using our prefabricated system cables.
Available with both plug-in or screw connections, the high-quality shielded cables ensure EMC-compliant wiring, high availability and functional reliability.
You have the freedom to follow your own individual approach as the cable types, connection variants and lengths can be mixed and matched as you desire – from the inverter to the motor with a continuous cable system.
The following system cables are available for permanent installation and for installing a trailing cable:
Motor cables
Blower cables
Encoder cables
Digital frequency cables




Lenze Frequency Inverters


We are amongst the most prominent suppliers of Lenze Frequency Inverters. Available in many configurations, these lenze frequency inverters have input / output interface for easy operation and better management. Further, these have great functional flexibility and can be used in many industries. We offer these cost-efficient inverters in varied specifications.



Lenze Inverter Drives 8400 Top Line

Inverter Drives 8400 Top Line
Inverter Drives 8400 Top Line Easily achieve high dynamic performance and precision.


Inverter for controlled, dynamic motion.
Output current: 1.3 to 89 A (0.37 to 45 kW)
Particularly suitable for handling and positioning systems as well as travelling drives and hoist drives used in a wide variety of application areas. Also the ideal choice for synchronous drives, e.g. in continuous material processing applications.




NPS Drive Automation Pvt.Ltd. is an Automation Solution Company representing Lenze India subsidiary of Lenze-AG Germany. NPS offers solutions and system integration including Machine Modernization

Lenze Inverter Drives 8400 Base Line


Inverter Drives 8400 Base-Line-Bring controlled movement to basic applications.
Inverter for controlled motion with communication.
Power range: 0.25 to 3.0 kW (1.3 to 9.5 A)
Particularly suitable for: conveyor drives, pumps and fans.


Connections: start/stop, analog input, freely programmable digital inputs and outputs (4/1)
Communication: CANopen, optional
Quick and easy commissioning
Integrated motor overload protection

Lenze Inverter Drives 8400 State Line
Inverter Drives 8400 State Line


Inverter Drives 8400 State Line Ensure movement in complex applications.
Inverters for easy, controlled motion.
Power range: 0.37 to 45.0 kW (1.3 to 89 A)
Particularly suitable for: transverse materials handling equipment or palletizers in the field of intralogistics, extruders in the plastics industry, filling systems in the packaging industry.


Connections: start/stop, analog inputs/outputs (1/1), freely programmable digital inputs/outputs (4/1)
Communication: CANopen on board, EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP, POWERLINK, PROFIBUS, PROFINET

Frequency Inverter 9300 Vector Control Series

We provide Frequency Inverters (9300 Vector Control Series) that are sourced from Lenze AG , AC Tech and INTORQ. These vector-controlled frequency inverters are used in dosing, filling and feeder systems as well as on winding drives. Our 9300 Vector Control Series inverters have an easy to use interface that allows convenient operation.

Frequency Inverter SM Vector Series

We are instrumental in bringing forth an extensive range of Frequency Inverter SM Vector Series. These have highly advanced micro-controller based design. The integrated motor overload protection system with microprocessor calculates the motor load independently of the output speed. This allows the complete protection of the motor and other hardware.




Inverter Drives 8400 Protec

Inverter Drives 8400 Protec Inject new life into horizontal and vertical materials handling


Applications :
Decentralized inverters: suitable for wall mounting with pluggable connection system
Particularly suitable for: scissor lift tables in the field of intra-logistics and in the automotive industry.


Communication: CAN open, Profibus, Profinet

Inverter Drives

Inverter Drives 8400 motec- Driving can be so easy.
Decentralized inverters: mounted directly on the motor or to the wall.


Communication: AS-Interface, CANopen, EtherCAT, PROFIBUS,PROFINET

Lenze Frequency Inverter Smd Series
Frequency Inverter SMD Series
Our clients can avail from us Frequency Inverter SMD Series that has digital and analog inputs for efficient handling of numerous applications. Designed using sophisticated technology, the inverters of SMD series have great functional flexibility. Known for their superior quality and reliable performance, our SMD series inverters are available at market leading prices.

Lenze Frequency Inverter 8200 Vector Control Series
Frequency Inverter 8200 Vector Control Series
Our clients can avail from us Frequency Inverters (8200 Vector Control Series) that have an option of manual or automatic bypass system. These contain phase shift multi-level control with minimum harmonics and high power factor. All these ensure optimal performance of these inverters for a longer period of time.



Resolver and multi-encoder input
Communication: CAN open on board, EtherNet/IP, POWERLINK, PROFIBUS, PROFINET
Also supports synchronous motors
Axis bus for electrical shafts






Lenze Servo Motors


Servo motors are designed for all applications requiring precision and dynamic performance. Our servo motors have been designed to work in perfect harmony with our inverters. Such a combination results in exact, recurring motion sequences delivered by perfectly coordinated return systems. Depending on the application and torque requirements, we provide both asynchronous and synchronous motors.




Lenze Mcs Synchronous Servo Motors

Ensure top performance in even the tightest of spaces
Servo synchronous motor for precisely controlled motion.
Torque range: 0.5 to 190 Nm (0.25 to 15.8 kW)
Particularly suitable for: applications that require high dynamic performance, precision and minimal dimensions.
Our designs for you:
High overload capacity
Large angular accelerations
Plug connections for quick mounting and easy serviceability
Electronic nameplate for easy commissioning
Resolver as feedback, alternately: incremental encoder or absolute value encoder
Increased power density using high-quality magnetic materials (SEpT technology) and specially developed pole formats
Available with holding brake
Natural or forced ventilation
Enclosure IP65 (forced ventilation IP 54)
For even more precision and energy efficiency

Lenze Mdxks Synchronous Servo Motors

Torque range: 2.8 to 52 Nm (1.1 to 5.9 kW)
Particularly suitable for: applications that demand the best possible dynamic performance.

Sdsgs Synchronous Servo Motors

Perfect for sensitive environments
Torque range: 0.45 to 2.2 Nm (0.14 to 0.7 kW)
Particularly suitable for: processes during which hygiene is critical
Smooth surface
Resolver as feedback, alternately: absolute value encoder
IP54 or IP55 enclosure

Mqa Asynchronous Servo Motors

Achieve their performance through high torque and exceptional dynamics
Naturally ventilated servo synchronous motor for precisely controlled motion.
Torque range: 66 to 1100 Nm (10.6 to 60.2 kW)
Particularly suitable for: applications with heavy motor demands.
Low moments of inertia
Enclosure IP23

Mca Asynchronous Servo Motors

The ideal solution for dynamic applications
Servo asynchronous motor for precisely controlled motion.
Torque range: 2.0 to 1,100 Nm (0.8 to 53.8 kW)
Particularly suitable for: environments which require minimal dimensions and a high degree of engineered operational reliability.
Small volume
Enclosure IP65 (forced ventilation IP54), in the range from 500 to 1,100 Nm IP23



SDSGA Asynchronous Servo Motors

provide the necessary drive in sensitive environments
Torque range: 0.27 to 1.9 Nm (0.075 to 0.6 kW)
Particularly suitable for: machine tasks where hygiene is critical.
Resolver as feedback






Three-phase AC motors


Permanent flexibility for countless machine tasks
Three-phase AC motors are used in a wide variety of industrial applications. They can be used for both mains operation or for operating an inverter.
The new Lenze Smart Motors and the Basic series three-phase AC motors are used for mains operation.
The MD, MH and MF series universal adaptable three-phase AC motors for operation on the mains power or on an inverter (for inverter operation) are the right ones for your needs. All motors are scalable and can be modified to suit specific machine requirements.




Lenze Mf Three Phase Ac Motors

Compact and highly efficient solution for operating on inverters
Energy-efficient, inverter-optimised three-phase AC motor for variable motion
Power range: 0.55 to 22 kW (1.53 to 59.2 Nm)
Particularly suitable for tasks that demand large setting ranges with minimal sizes.
Exceeds efficiency class IE2
Four-pole motors in the designs B3, B14 and B5
Setting range up to 1:24 with constant torque
Enclosure IP55
Connection options: terminal box, HAN plug, ICN plug
Temperature monitoring
Modular system to adjust the functions to your application
Feedback systems
Service and holding brakes

Mh Three Phase Ac Motors

Efficient at handling both basic and extensive machine tasks
Energy efficient three-phase AC motor for constant and variable motion.
Power range: 0.75 to 45 kW (5.08 to 290 Nm)
Suitable for energy efficient mains and inverter operation
IE2 energy efficient
Energy consumption can be further optimised through controlled operation
Setting range up to 1:17.4 with constant torque

Lenze Md Three-phase Ac Motors

For basic machine duties
Three-phase AC motor for constant and variable motion.
Power range: 0.12 to 30 kW (0.8 to 144 A)
Suitable for mains and inverter operation



Lenze Smart Motor

A single motor for many applications.
New freedom in motion for engineers. The Lenze Smart Motor reduces the number of different drive versions by up to 70%. Contactor and starter do not feature, fixed speeds can be set at will and there are numerous integrated functions for materials handling applications.
Furthermore, the Lenze Smart Motor meets the highest requirements to energy efficiency and can be operated very conveniently using a smartphone.
Freely adjustable speed reduces the number of different drives
Integrated soft start function
Less wiring thanks to electronic contactor and motor protection function
Outstanding energy efficiency
Can be operated by an NFC-capable smartphone and Lenze app

Basic MD/MH Three Phase Ac Motors
Three-phase AC motor for constant motion.
Power range: 0.06 to 45 kW (0.43 to 290 Nm)
Suitable for mains and for applications that do not require typical built-on accessories, such as blowers or brakes.
from 0.75 kW efficiency class IE2
Up to 5.5 kW as 2, 4 or 6-pole motors in the designs B3, B14 and B5
7.5 kW and higher as 4-pole motors in B3 and B5
Connection options: terminal box
Integral fan






Lenze Drive Solutions.


Are you looking to implement cutting-edge machines and plant concepts or modernise existing installations? With comprehensive, across-the-board advice and innovative software, we are on hand to support you in all of your product selection decisions, as well as all issues relating to energy efficient drive dimensioning, project planning and commissioning.
These services help ensure that you get the right drive solution and a lean process throughout your value-added chain. Over the next few pages we present some options for precisely tailored implementation of your machine tasks on the basis of 12 defined drive solutions. It’s as easy as that!




Conveyor Drives

Easy solutions for all systems
If you have material that you need to transport and sort, you require reliable conveyor drives. These drives are a key component of warehouse and logistics systems and between the various processing stations of a manufacturing system.
For example when conveying general products inverters adapt the speeds dynamically to the flow of goods. With bulk materials, on the other hand, constant speeds are achieved by using geared motors.
Typical applications:
Roller conveyors
Belt conveyors
Screw conveyors
Circular conveyors
Our product recommendations for your machine tasks:
For basic tasks – BaseLine
For comprehensive tasks – StateLine
For sophisticated tasks – HighLine

Lenze Traveling Drives

Flexibility on track
With travelling drives, you are perfectly equipped for tasks such as moving payloads from one station to another.
This transport often takes the form of vehicles, which travel either on a horizontal or inclined level.
Rail vehicles or trolleys
Overhead and gantry cranes
Monorail overhead conveyors
Storage and retrieval units
Automated guided vehicle systems

Pumps and Fans

Pumps and fans Fresh air as a driving force
Pumps and fans ensure efficient performance in any applications that involve transport and/or compression of liquid and gaseous substances.
There are two basic operating principles here: Pistons and gear pumps or axial-flow fans work according to the principle of displacement, while centrifugal pumps and radial-flow fans operate with centrifugal force.
Water supply
Compressed air generation
Fans for industrial machining processes
Sewage and waste water treatment technology
Refrigerating machines
Vacuum pumps

Forming Drives

Form follows function – and vice versa
Forming drives are used wherever workpieces are created or brought into their final shape from raw materials. Benefit from our scalable products for the wide range of different forming processes. These products operate either continuously or cyclically, depending on the respective requirements in each case.
Deep-drawing machines
Chamfering of metal workpieces

Lenze Synchronised Drives

Create flow processes with ease
Synchronous drives are the most common choice for processing continuous materials. They are perfect for manufacturing, transporting, processing or finishing materials such as paper, film, textile yarn and webs, sheet metal or wires.
Rolling, extruding, stretching or coating systems
Transporting and positioning continuous material
Printing units with single drives

Winding Drives
perfect tension in your machine processes
If you have to process continuous material, you will know that winding and unwinding the material is of key importance in securing a smooth and reliable process:
Winding drives are the perfect solution for unwinding material stored on reels for a specific process and then winding it back up again once this process is complete – the synchronised drives are positioned between these two stations.
Winding devices for textiles, films, paper and sheet metal
Printing machines
Continuous processing and finishing operations

Lenze Positioning Drives

Aiming for precision
Do you need to move goods, workpieces or tools to precisely defined target positions?
Positioning drives are ideally suited to this, operating either on a rotary or linear basis to move products towards their target position and guide moveable machine parts to a defined target location based on your requirements.
Automatic assembly machines
Rotary indexing tables
Adjusting limit stops in production machines
Travelling and hoist drives, e.g. in storage and retrieval units
Tool changers

Lenze Hoist Drives

For high targets
Hoist drives are used whenever loads need to be raised and lowered. They securely maintain the specified positions, which are controlled using a limit switch or via sensors.
Goods elevators
Crane systems and winches
Hoists in storage and retrieval units
Hoisting stations and scissor lift tables

Lenze Tool Drives

Fully-equipped for exceptional results
A tool drive determines the speed of a tool and thereby provides the necessary machining power. Whether your processes require material cutting or material machining operations, our extremely reliable drives will provide you with the results you are looking for.
Machining centres
Milling, drilling, turning and sawing machines
Polishing and grinding machines

Lenze Coordinated Drives

All axes in motion together
Coordinated drives, such as handling systems, offer you a great deal of flexibility. They are used to move goods, workpieces or tools on defined tracks or freely within a space. These drives are capable of implementing complex motion sequences.
Six-axis articulated robots
SCARA robots
Gantry systems and linear X-Y-Z-axis systems
Parallel kinematics, e.g. hexapods

Lenze Electronic Cam

Fully dynamic motion
Increased productivity and greater dynamic performance for all non-linear movements can be achieved using an electronic cam. It converts linear position information into cam-shaped motion profiles via a path-controlled profile generator. This allows you to implement smooth, low-impact motions which are gentle both on workpieces and the equipment used to process them.
Bag form, fill, and seal machines
Bookbinding machines
Textile machines

Lenze Cross Cutters and Flying Saws

Rhythm in motion
You can achieve the right cycle speed for continuous machining processes with our cross cutters or flying saw. All continuous materials you are looking to cut or process cyclically while in motion are fed optimally to the subsequent manufacturing processes using the cross cutter.
Perforating paper, metal and foil webs, as well as wood or plastics






Lenze Industrial communication kit


Establishing efficient networks
Our modular industrial communication concept helps you incorporate your machine and plant components into a networked system.
Some inverters are equipped with an on board fieldbus (CANopen or EtherCAT) or may be expanded by adding pluggable communication modules. This way, you can select individual solutions using the fieldbus that is most suitable for your application




Lenze AS-Interface

The easy approach to industrial networking
Easy sensor/actuator interface for transmission of binary I/O signals.
AS-i bus (actuator-sensor interface)
Two-core AS-i cable for transmitting data and auxiliary power
Easy handling and flexible installation
Can be used in: Inverter Drives 8400 motec

Lenze CANopen

Fast and easy networking of multiple components
CANopen for networking one inverter with another and setting inverter parameters.
CiA (CAN in Automation) defined communication protocol
Several different modules support the DS 301 profile
The Lenze system bus operates using a subset of this communication protocol
Can be used in: Inverter Drives 8400, Servo Drives 9400, Servo Drives ECS

Lenze Devicenet

Creates perfect connections at the field level
CAN-based bus system for connecting control systems to actuators and sensors.
Based on the CAN controller
Is being developed further in the ODVA user organisation (Open DeviceNet Vendor Association)
Used primarily in the US American market
Can be used in: Servo Drives 9400, Servo Drives ECS

Lenze Ethercat

Processes information as fast as it occurs
Real-time capable Ethernet system with top performance.
EtherCAT from the EtherCAT Technology Group (ETG)
CoE communication protocol
Ring system with one-total-frame protocol
Data is manipulated while the device is running
Offers all of the benefits of the Ethernet system
Can be used in: Inverter Drives 8400, Servo Drives 9400, i700, Servo Drives ECS


Lenze Ethernet

For seamless data exchange at all production levels
Standard Ethernet, used to set parameters and to diagnose inverters.
Ethernet network
Module used to integrate a drive into the general IT infrastructures (e.g. control stations, production data acquisition)
Suitable for remote maintenance tasks
Can be used in: Servo Drives 9400

Lenze Ethernet/IP

For seamless data exchange at all levels of production.
EtherNet/IP is an Ethernet-based fieldbus system.
Industrial protocol
Direct link to control systems with EtherNet/IP capability
Can be combined with standard Ethernet components
Can be used with: Inverter Drives 8400, Servo Drives 9400

Lenze Powerlink

For optimum transfer of process data in real time
Real-time capable Ethernet system for axis synchronisation.
Ethernet-based bus system
The ability to use of CANopen standards
The ability to use device profiles without making adjustments
Suitable for networking a control system and an inverter, e.g. for pure PLC functions for an entire motion control systems
Can be used in: Inverter Drives 8400, Servo Drives 9400

Lenze Interbus

Establishes connections quickly in major installations
Fieldbus with ring topology that is widespread in the automotive sector.
Powerful system with ring topology
Excellent diagnostics options
Efficient protocol with optimised net transmission ratio
Can be used in: Servo Drives ECS

Lenze Lecom

Developed for Lenze inverters
Communication on the basis of RS232, RS485 or fibre-optic cables.
Protocol defined by Lenze
Allows access to Lenze inverter parameters

Lenze Profinet

Communicates data quickly and with Ethernet functions
Successor to PROFIBUS with graduated real-time capability.
Ethernet based
Available in different version, depending on the achievable deterministic capacity or cycle time
e.g. PROFINET I/O in the RT version suitable for communication between the control system and the inverter, however not for motion control applications








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