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Creating a niche of Festo Products such as Festo PU Pipe, Festo Fitting, Festo Solenoid Valves, Festo FRL, Festo Seal Kits and Festo Cylinder at its best, with utmost quality.

Festo PU Pipe

Festo PU Pipes or Polyurethane pipes is very durable with a wide range of properties allowing its use in many applications. Festo PU Pipes are available in different lengths and sizes.

Festo Fitting


Festo One touch pneumatic fittings are best in its class as it has a steel round teeth gripp for holding the PU pipe. Further due to this feature the pipe does not get ejected when even at 40 deg temp.Owing to its superior quality and remarkable features, our range is ideal for pneumatic connections in low temperature conditions.
Made from the the best grade of steel and polymer
* M3, M5, M7, G 1/8, G 1/4.G3/8 andG 1/2 threads
* Tube size 2mm, 4mm 6mm 8mm 10mm 12mm 16mm
Festo Solenoid Valves

Festo pneumatic valves the world best valves in different variants from 2/2 , 3/2, 5/2 and 5/3 both in solenoid operated & pilot operated . Our tiger series valves are the highest selling ranging from m5 to g 1/2 inch port size. All valves are repairable and serviceable.
We provide Solenoid Valve MFH-5-1/8
We provide Solenoid Valve MFH-5-1/4
We provide Solenoid Valve MFH-5-1/2

FESTO wide range of FRL units ARE appreciated for its long functioning life and superior quality. Festo FRL Units are provided to reduce friction & prevent corrosion of the moving parts of an air-actuated mechanism powered by compressed air.

Festo FRL Unit Type FRC
* SIZE 1/8, 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 3/4,
* mini (1700 l/min), 1/8, 1/4
* midi (3500 l/min) 3/8, 1/2
* maxi (11, 500 l/min). 3/4, 1

Festo Seal Kits


We are a company which is well known in the market for the trading and supplying of a wide range of products such as the Cylinder Seal Kits which are used for the process of fabrication and they have been made using the best technology available in the market and they have been priced at very reasonable rates in the market and they offer a long lasting functioning to the customers. These Festo Seal Kits products offer a high performance to the customers and are high on demand in the market.


Cylinders With Piston Rod

Standards-based cylinders

Round cylinders
Stainless steel cylinders
Compact, short stroke & flat cylinder
Cartridge cylinder & multimount cylinder
Cylinder with clamping unit

Rodless Cylinders

Mechanical coupling
Magnetic coupling

Semi-Rotary Drives
Semi-rotary drives with rotary vane
Semi-rotary drives with rack & pinion
Swivel-linear drive units


Electrically and pneumatically actuated directional control valves
Mechanically and manually actuated directional control valves
Shut-off valves
Pressure control valves
Flow control valves
Proportional valves
Media and process valves
Pneumatic control systems
Accessories for valves

Cantilever Axis

Size 18, 25, 40 mm
Max. stroke 1,000 mm
Force 230- 1,000 N
Repetition accuracy 0.05 mm.
Product Code: DGEA-ZR


Clamping Module

Diameter 12- 63 mm
Diameter 10×30- 20×180 mm in block form
Stroke 0- 5 mm
Force 55- 1,650 N.
Product Code: EV


Colour Sensor

Size 50 x 50 x 17 mm
Switching frequency up to 500 Hz
5 definable limits
Teach-in function: 3 independent channels for new colours.
Product Code: SOEC-RT-Q50

Diffuse Sensor

High protection class IP67
Connector can be rotated by up to 270°
Teach-in function via control panel or external input.
Product Code: SOEL-RTD-Q50

Electric Mini Slide

size 10, 16
stroke 5-1500 mm
force 10, 30 n
repetition accuracy 0. 055 mm
harmonised motor controller sfc-dc.
Product Code: SLTE




size 8, 12 mm
stroke 2. 3 mm
force 16. 5, 30 n per gripper jaw
Product Code: HGPM

size 8, 12 mm
opening angle 1dgree, 20dgree
gripping torque 12, 38 ncm
Product Code: HGWM

Guided Drive

Diameter 4, 6, 10 mm
Stroke 5- 30 mm
Force 7.5- 47 N
Product Code: DFC

Handling Axis With Integrated Linear Motor
Size 16, 25 mm
Max. stroke 400 mm
Max. feed force 235 N
Repetition accuracy ±0.03 mm
Tuned positioning controller SFC-LAC.
Product Code: HME

Handling Module
Product Code: HSP


Parallel Gripper

Size 12, 16, 20 mm
Stroke 3, 5, 6.5 mm per gripper jaw
Force 25, 45, 70 N per gripper jaw
Product Code: HGPC

Pneumatic Controllers

INPUT/OUTPUT pressure indicator
Step counter for steps 1 to 12 with cumulative counting direction
Flow rate 60 l/min
3mm barbed connectors
Controlled operation with safety functions
Product Code: Quickstepper-FSS

Position Transmitter

Process monitoring/measurement: feedback of quality, wear and process
Object detection: position, quality sorting of parts
Object registering: clamps, presses.
Product Code: SMAT

Positioning Axis
Size 18- 63 mm
Max. stroke 1,800 mm
Force 240- 3,000 N
Repetition accuracy 0.05 mm
Plain/recirculating ball bearing guides.
Product Code: DMES


Precision Gripper


Size 10- 32 mm
Stroke 2- 12.5 mm per gripper jaw
Force 47- 482 N per gripper jaw
Product Code: HGPP

Semi-Rotary Drive

Piston diameter 10- 40 mm
Torque 0.5- 20 Nm
Rotation angle 0°- 180°
Mass moment of inertia up to 150 x 10E-4 kgmsquare.
Product Code: DSR

Semi-Rotary Module

Piston diameter 6- 40 mm
Torque 0.15- 20 Nm
Rotation angle 0°- 270°
Mass moment of inertia up to 1,200 x 10E-4 kgm.
Product Code: DSM

Servo-Pneumatic Proportional Gripper

size 12 mm
opening stroke adjustable up to 10 mm per gripper jaw
gripping force adjustable between 5 and 50 n per gripper jaw
Product Code: HGPPI

Standard Mist Lubricators
Direct proportional lubricators
Available in 4 sizes
Flow rate: 1,100 to 22,000 l/min.
Flow direction optional
Temperature range: -10 to 60°C (MS12 0 to 60°C)
Input pressure: 1 to 16 bar

Suction Gripper

6 suction cup shapes and materials
for all kinds of applications and workpiece
15 suction cup diameters 2- 200 mm.
Product Code: ESG

Toothed Belt Axis With Driver
Size 8- 63 mm
Max. stroke 4,500 mm
Force 15- 1,500 N
Repetition accuracy 0.08-0.1 mm.
Product Code: DGE-ZR

Toothed Belt Axis With Heavy-Duty Guide
Size 18, 25, 40 mm
Max. stroke 1,000 mm
Force 60- 610 N
Repetition accuracy 0.08- 0.1 mm.
Product Code: DGE-ZR-HD

Toothed Belt Axis With Recirculating Ball Bearing Guide
Max. force 1,500 N
Product Code: DGE-ZR-KF

Toothed Belt Axis With Roller Bearing Guide
Size 25,40, 63 mm
Max. stroke 5,000 mm
Repetition accuracy0.1 mm.
Product Code: DGE-ZR-RF


Twin Piston Semi-Rotary Drive

Piston diameter 6- 50 mm
Torque 0.16- 50 Nm
Rotation angle 0°- 360°
Mass moment of inertia up to 2,000 x 10E-4 kgm.
Product Code: DRQD

Optoelectronic Sensor

Diameter 4 mm, M5 thread with a length of 35 mm
Scratch-resistant and highly resistant to environmental influences thanks to IP67
Reliable thanks to sensing range of up to 50 mm.
Product Code: SOEG-RT-4-M5

Housing material ABS

Switching frequency up to 1,000 Hz
Reliable adjustment and manipulation protection thanks to visible red light.
Product Code: SOE-Q20

M12: plug can be rotated 270° and locked in steps of 45°
LED display for switching status and operating voltage.
Product Code: SOE-Q50

Filter Regulators

available sizes: micro, mini, midi, maxi
10 port sizes
pressure ranges: 7 or 12 bar
flow rate: 120 to 11,000 l/min
with/without pressure gauge as required
grade of filtration: 40micron m, 5µm
condensate drain: manual, semi-automatic, fully automatic
Product Code: D-series

available sizes: 4, 6, 12
9 port sizes
pressure ranges: 4, 7, 12, 16 bar
flow rate: 900 to 17,000 l/min
pressure gauge with display in bar, psi and mpa
grade of filtration: 40micro m, 5micro m
condensate drain: manual, semi-automatic, fully automatic
choice of flow direction:
from left to right
from right to left.
Product Code: MS-series


standard regulators for operating pressure ranges up to 7 or 12 bar
precision pressure regulators with low hysteresis
electronic pressure regulators
regulator manifolds.

Flow Sensor

Unidirectional flow sensor with display
Display can be rotated 360dgree
H-rail or wall mounting
Protection class IP65
Measuring range: 1- 200 l/min.
Product Code: SFE-1

Automatic detection of the required flow conditions
Flexible installation thanks to compact design
Measuring range: 200- 5,000 l/min.
Product Code: MS6-SFE

Pressure Sensor

plug m8, m12
freely programmable hysteresis/comparator mode for relative or differential pressure
fast mounting thanks to snap-in or push-in facility
Product Code: SDE-1

Space-saving and suitable for TPM
Front panel or H-rail design
Intuitive prompting and fast teach-in option
Alphanumeric pressure display, or bar graphs for dynamic events
Rapid H-rail and front panel mounting
Coded lock.
Product Code: SDE-3

Inductive Sensor

Temperature range -30-80 dgreec
250% faster than conventional proximity switches
factor 1 technology: up to 300% larger switching distance for aluminium
complies with emc requirements in standards en 50082-2 and en 61000-4-6
insensitive to interference.
Product Code: SIEF-1

Inductive Sensor With Analogue Signal
Standard sizes M8, M12, M18, M30
High resolution and excellent repetition accuracy
Large sensing range up to 20 mm (M30)
Nearly all sizes offer two standardised analogue outputs: 4- 20 mA and 0- 10V

Vacuum Generator

Nominal diameter of Laval nozzle 0.45 … 3 mm
Minimal resistance silencer.
Product Code: VN

Nominal diameter of Laval nozzle 0.45, 0.7, 0.95 mm
Integrated vacuum sensor SDE5.
Product Code: VN-P


standard filter with filtration grade of 5 and 40 µm
fine filter with filtration grade of 1 micron m
high-performance/micro filter with filtration grade of 0. 01 µm
active carbon filter for odour-free, oil-free air
combinations of fine and micro filters.

Pressure And Vacuum Switch

Minimal assembly time thanks to QS fittings and M8 plug connectors or free cable end
Selectable output functions
Quick switching-point adjustment at the press of a button
Measuring ranges -1- 10 bar.
Product Code: SDE-5

Proximity Sensor
Sensing: reed contact or contactless PNP, NPN
Voltage 24 V DC or 230 V DC
Plug M5, M8, M12 or open end

Linear Drive

Diameter 8- 40 mm
Stroke 1- 5,000 mm
Force 30- 750 N
Many variants
Product Code: DGC


Press Service

Welcome to the Festo press service
Are you conducting research for an article If so, you’ve come to the right place. Our Internet press service includes comprehensive materials which will facilitate your work, for example: all new products covering the entire Festo product spectrum, information concerning service offers and detailed company facts and figures – and lots of image files.

Axis Controllers

Cylinders With Displacement Encoder
End Position Controllers
Feed Separator



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