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KEB COMBICONTROL C6 is the automation platform that focuses on dynamic and drive-oriented applications with motion control in the machine and equipment building sector. Scalable and tailored to your requirements, this control technology, which was designed with embedded and IPC versions, offers a broad platform for a variety of tasks.
The KEB COMBIVIS studio 6 automation tool is the new software environment, freely programmable pursuant IEC 61131-3.

is the embedded control for an all-in-one solution in smaller machines or an especially cost-effective motion control solution subordinate to conventional PLC controls.
allows an high-quality visualisation and operation of your application, and offers a cost-effective solution despite its extensive scope of services. High resolutions and attractive optics highlight the best features of your system.
is an IPC-based control and visualisation solution that features flexible interfaces and an impressive functional scope. This system provides a platform for the optimum and lucrative solution for implementing your objectives.
is the entry into IPC- and Windows-based technology that already offers all of the required characteristics for dynamic motion tasks in machines and the complete control of systems in its basic version.
is designed for the implementation of automation tasks for the most demanding requirements and encompasses the peak performance of the IPC platform for integrated motion control and visualisation in one hardware.





COMBIVIS connect – Remote maintenance



COMBIVIS connect - Remote maintenance1COMBIVIS connect - Remote maintenance
KEB COMBIVIS connect ist die innovative Softwarelösung für Fernzugriff und Fernwartung von PC-basierten Industriemaschinen mit Windows-Betriebssystemen (WinCE– und Win32/64- Umgebung).
COMBIVIS connect Client: Software-Applikation auf dem Büro-PC (Supervisor)
COMBIVIS connect Runtime: Software-Komponente auf dem entfernten PC/Route
The new COMBIVIS connect product creates a VPN (Virtual Private Network) between office computers and remote devices and guarantees access to remote sub-networks.
The COMBIVIS connect infrastructure meets the highest security standards.
The SSL/TLS protocol guarantees the highest degree of security and data protection.
Remote access and remote control make it possible to bridge small and large distances and reduce the incidence of technical travel.
This reduces costs and minimises time requirements with regard to response and problem-solving processes




KEB COMBIVERT – Digital drive technology with 25 years of production experience



KEB COMBIVERT - Digital drive technology with 25 years of production experience
The program for controlled and regulated applications for synchronous and asynchronous motor technology in demanding applications up to 900 kW.
Innovation and continuity form the foundation for our powerful series, for which logistics and production have been configured so as to ensure the long-term and parallel availability of current and new product generations:
Frequency Inverter KEB COMBIVERT F5

the current tool for electrical construction – flexible technology for control and power electronics with variable cooling solutions, modular fieldbus level and optimum motor features.
the software version KEB COMBIVERT F5-ASCL fulfils highest requirements for speed, torque and breakaway torque without encoder feedback
F5-K with integrated safety: STO function as per EN 13849, PL e – meets the requirements of the new equipment directive
Frequency Inverter KEB COMBIVERT B6

The compact entry class with integrated EMC, ready-to-connect for motor sizes up to 4 kW.
Frequency Inverter KEB COMBIVERT G6

Highly integrated features for the controlled operation of motors up to 30 kW / 400 V
Frequency Inverter KEB COMBIVERT F6-K – Single Axis Drive

KEB COMBIVERT F6-K is controlled and regulated drive technology ready for the networked world.










Top of the line products in equipment and machinery building are based on dynamic drives that are increasingly being designed as closed-loop systems. Depending on the physical requirements, these requirements are met by particularly robust and low-maintenance alternating current or brushless synchronous or asynchronous motors.
Single axis or multi axis solutions are the ideal solution depending on power range, number of axis and load profile. KEB COMBIVERT offers both:
The KEB COMBIVERT F5 A-Servo is used for smaller servo drives and is available up to 5 Nm. This compact device comes in two sizes with direct mains connection for 230 V and 400 V.
KEB COMBIVERT F5 Multi serves all common synchronous and asynchronous motors, compact direct drives or high-revolution spindle drives in the power range up to 900 kW. Frequency inverters KEB COMBIVERT Version S.C.L. (Sensorless Closed Loop) operate synchronous motors without feedback.


offers the optimum solution for all areas of multi-axis application with a modular design and direct coupling via intermediate circuit connections.
KEB COMBIVERT Power Supply and Regenerative Systems
In addition to motor movements adjusted to the process variables, electric drives also frequently feature regenerative load cycles, which are typically “burnt” with ballast switches.
Power supply and regenerative systems are optional components that can be used for balancing energy within a system or the direct feedback of excess capacity into the utility grid.
KEB COMBIVERT R6 – industrial grid feedback for downtime operations, individual or modular operation with feedback choke in block modulation for ranges 11 kW to 900 kW.
KEB COMBIVERT F5-AFE – sinus-shaped grid feedback in connection with AFE filters for temporary or continuous grid feedback.
KEB COMBIVERT R5 – central utility supply unit for drives in DC networks.

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