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[custom-facebook-feed] Khandaker Marsus   (Engr. Khandaker Marsus) B.Sc. in Electrical & Electronic Engineering(EEE) M.Sc. in Information Technology(MIT) Master of Business Administration (MBA) Managing Director Reliance High Tech Ltd. 3rd floor, 1012/1, Jamtola More,East Shewrapra, Kafrul Dhaka-1216 Bangladesh Phone :+88 09638009242 Skype: reliancehtech Email : [email protected] web  : www.reliancehtech.com

Network IP Camera

Network IP Camera       Leading Supplier of ip camera IP Camera The SNC-RZ25N provides selectable compression of bandwidth saving MPEG4 or industry standard JPG, 18X optical zoom, day/night capability, bi-directional audio capability on a fast and accurate pan/tilt base. * All-In-One PTZ Network Camera Built-in Web Server – View and control using standard …

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Siemens PLC

Siemens PLC is world’s most branded PLC. Siemens PLC is widely used in pharmaceuticals, and different large industries. There are 3 kinds of PLC 1. Mini PLC 2. Micro PLC 3. Modular PLC   Mini PLC is Logo PLC. Siemens best and cheap rated PLC is logo plc   Micro: s7-00   Modular PLC. Modular …

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OMRON PLC   Omron C200H, C500, CQM1, CJ, CS, C1000, CVM1 series PLC     We are the only one importer of Omron C200H, C500, CQM1, CJ, CS, C1000, CVM1 series PLC    OMRON Industrial Automation OMRON Industrial Automation functions as a partner to help innovate worldwide manufacturing. Through our expertise in sensing and control technology, …

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Mitsubishi PLC

 Mitsubishi A, Q,FX series PLC We are the importer of Mitsubishi A, Q,FX series PLC: A list of our stock PLC are given below         Mitsubishi parts MITSUBISHI PLC Q02HCPU FX2N-16MR-001 MITSUBISHI PLC Q06HCPU FX2N-32MR-001 MITSUBISHI PLC Q12HCPU FX2N-48MR-001 MITSUBISHI PLC Q25HCPU FX2N-64MR-001 MITSUBISHI PLC Q25PHCPU FX2N-80MR-001 MITSUBISHI PLC QD75M1 FX2N-128MR-001 MITSUBISHI PLC …

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GE Fanuc PLC

GE Fanuc PLC     There are several series of GE Fanuc PLC . GE Fanuc PLC Series are described below: • Series One • Series One Jr. • Series Three • Series Five • Series Six • ProLoop • Genius I/O • Series 90-20 • Series 90-30 • Series 90-70 • Field Control • …

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Control systems High-speed precision of open and closed loop control for machines and systems – at an attractive price. B&R eliminates this seeming contradiction with the high degree of scalability of their control systems. This makes it possible for B&R to cover all requirements with a single platform – from the smallest controllers all the …

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Proface HMI

Pro-face HMI GC4000,GP4000,GP3000,GP2000,ST3000 series HMI   We are the importer of All kinds of Proface HMI or Touch screen         GP2501-LG41-24V 10.4″ Monochrome     Display Type: Monochrome – 640 x 480 Display Colours: Black and white Interfaces: RS232/RS422 – CF card Power supply: DC24V       GP2401-TC41-24V 7.4″ TFT   …

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Fanuc CNC       CNC Value Nano CNC with high reliability and high performance FANUC Series 0i-MODEL D FANUC Series 0i Mate-MODEL D FANUC Series 0i / FANUC Series 0i Mate are Value Nano CNC with high reliability and high performance. FANUC Series 0i-MD Suitable CNC for Machining center Max. total number of control axes: 8 axes Max. number of …

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