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Make a Lasting Connection with HARTING USA
HARTING USA is the North American subsidiary of HARTING, a German-based global leader in the connector industry. We develop, manufacture and sell the world’s most durable and reliable products and solutions for use in mechanical and plant engineering, broadcast and entertainment, factory automation, power generation and distribution as well as industrial electronics and telecommunication.
Founded in 1986 and based in Elgin, Illinois, HARTING USA continues the proud tradition of our parent company, first established in 1945, delivering unrivaled reliability, efficiency, performance and innovation. That includes our own facility, where we manufacture circuit board technology and customized cabling solutions.
At HARTING, we are as invested in our customers as we are in our products, knowing that confidence comes from dependable connections that stand the test of time.
Although HARTING is known for our pioneering work in rectangular connections, we make the ideal shape, including circular, needed for the application. We develop solutions that are responsive to real-world issues with a record of innovation that to date has resulted in than 915 registered designs and 318 trademarks.
Our products include electrical and electronic connectors, device terminations, backplanes, network components, as well as cable harnesses for networks and machinery, and for power and data application in factories

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Han® Industrial Connectors

HARTING Han® Industrial Connectors are suited for the harshest requirements in industrial environments. They are used in all applications requiring a safe and removable electrical connection. The field of application for HARTING connectors is in protected electrical areas; for example in control cabinets to outdoor applications.
The Han® Industrial product line incorporates small connectors capable of a few amps up to large multi-way high power connections. The possible combination of connectors is large enabling sensitive signals of a few milli-volts, as used in the field of Gigabit transmissions, up to 600 Amps or 5000 Volts for high power applications.
The Han-Modular® connector range is flexible enough to have a single piece design or multi-modules locked together in a single frame. These modules are standard and can accommodate, signal, and power circuits along with fiber optic or compressed air lines in a single connector.
Each style can be protected to comply with shielding requirements

Field Attachable Solutions

HARAX® IDC quick connection technology is an ideal solution for the in situ assembly of …

HARTING RJ Industrial® 10G

The HARTING RJ Industrial® 10G is HARTING’s next generation of the world’s first RJ45 …
HARTING’s Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies

HARTING offers a wide range of robust fiber optic cable assemblies manufactured using the …
har-port Service Interfaces for Ethernet and USB

PushPull Connectors

HARTING PushPull connectors were specifically designed for robust and compact …
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Han® M8/ Han® M12 Circular Connectors

Discover about M8/ M12 Circular Connectors!

HARTING Current Sensors

The new current sensors from HARTING have a robust design, making them ideal in harsh conditions for markets such as rail technology and renewal energy.
Rapid, accurate current measurement is required for the precise regulation of power semiconductor systems such as frequency converters, USV systems and welding plant. The new current sensors from HARTING have been designed with these specific environments in mind – in close consultation with customers. They offer high levels of measurement accuracy and interference immunity.

The current sensor product family is based on the proven and tested Hall effect and, galvanically isolated, measures the current via the magnetic field of the conductor. This uses two principles of measurement: compensation current sensors are available for demanding measurement tasks. If there is less demand for accuracy, open-loop current sensors can be used.

The new current sensors from HARTING have a robust design, making them ideal in harsh conditions for markets such as rail technology and renewal energy. They are also highly immune to interference where external magnetic fields are concerned. A further benefit for developers is that it is easy to build the sensors into existing applications, as they have totally standard footprint and installation measurements. The appropriate connection technology and pre-assembled signal cables enable cost-effective and secure assembly. Mating connectors and cables are no longer manufactured separately, reducing the overall number of parts required.

Cable Assemblies (VAB)
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We engineer and produce cable and harness assemblies to carry power, control signals, embedded processor I/O, Ethernet communications, data pulses, and any combination thereof. Our capabilities span the range from short assemblies for electrical enclosures to 300-foot long multipurpose cables for wind turbine down-tower applications. These assemblies can include hybrid connectors, mounting brackets, exotic insulation, flexible conduit, or simply pigtail leads
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Industrial Solutions – Our Specialty
Engineering to Inspection

VAB creates innovative and highly efficient operations, resulting in quality and cost …
I/O Assemblies

One of the HARTING VAB specialties is unique I/O cable assemblies, such as those with …
Ethernet Cable Assemblies

HARTING VAB manufactures a variety of Ethernet cable assemblies.

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Backplane Systems
HARTING Integrated Solutions (HIS) facilities provide complete backplane engineering and manufacturing services through the use of printed circuit board technology, design simulation, and advanced production equipment.
HARTING services include both standard and customized backplane solutions, each one produced in our fully integrated manufacturing plant in Elgin, IL. Prior to shipment, all products undergo comprehensive mechanical testing and electronic performance verification according to widely recognized industry standards and customer specifications

HARTING Technology Group
Competence in all areas of industrial manufacturing — tailored solutions for every type
of industrial application — customer centers throughout the world: the transmission of
energy, signals and data is at the core of HARTING Technology Group. HARTING offers
outstanding development and manufacturing competence, especially in the areas of
connection, transmission and network technology.
HARTING Technology not only provides components but also complete solutions, ranging
from connection technology in the area of electrical and electronic industrial
connectors, 3D-MID technology and network components through to printed board
technology, sales systems as well as solutions for the automotive sector, tool
construction and the construction of machines for special applications.
Customers of the HARTING Technology Group are at home in the automotive industry,
rail engineering, medical technology, renewable energies, plant automation and the
telecommunication sectors.
Installation Technology
Han® connectors are the worldwide connector standard in industry.
Han® connectors impress with their rugged design, convenient handling
and modularity of data, signal and power connections. Worldwide.
Device Connectivity
HARTING’s har- Device Connectivity technology is a universal and
innovative product portfolio of board connector and connection
technology for devices in the IP 20 to IP 65 / IP 67 protection categories.
Smart Network Infrastucture
With its product series Ha-VIS, HARTING offers a consistent range
of Ethernet network components and cabling products, which from
the communication platform of convergent automation IT networks.
Under Ha-VIS HARTING offers fully integrated RFID solutions.

Compact. Reliable. Efficient.HARTING has a long tradition in supplying the range of Han® connectors into multiple markets around the world.
With the use of adaptors, these connectors can be mounted onto a printed circuit board (PCB). These adaptors are soldered
into the PCB and in turn, the Han® connector is attached, giving a repeatable, reliable solution which can reduce and often
completely remove wiring from the system.
HARTING Technology Group, specialises in PCB
based solutions, from high-speed backplanes
through to box-build products. We work with
our customers to re-design and create new
products using the Han® on the PCB principles.
Remove wiring from your system.
With reliable and repeatable PCB technology.
Han® PCB adaptors
Han® connector
Sub-rack for
relay cards
Signal I/O
Rear side of the backplane Front side of the backplane
1 Relay panel for on-board railway
 One PCB, almost 1 metre long, 26 layers, combining
signal cable connections, an integrated sub-rack for
plug-in relay cards and Han® connectors for higher
 Reduce installation time into the train tremendously.
 Increase reliability.
 Reduce weight and space.
Successful applications:2 HanOnBoard®
HARTING Integrated Solutions.
Expertise in finding solutions.
Re-designed product, front view
Original product with
significant internal hard wiring
3 Relay control rack
 3U sub-rack with individually mounted
DIN 41 612 type F connectors to
receive the plug-in cards and
rack-mounted I/O connectors on the
rear of the rack.
 Re-designed to mount the type F
connectors onto a backplane with the
I/O connectors changed to HARTING’s
Han® and mounted directly on the rear
of the backplane.
 Again remove all the previous wiring.
Power generation & distribution
2 Small I/O unit
 Change internal wiring to PCB mounted.
 Remove all the wires from the component.
Original panel, showing wiring Old and new panels New, PCB mounted panel
 Create a neater, compact product
and save space in the installation.3
Your challenge.
Our Solution.
Front view
Rear view Side view
4 Special machinery
5 Services distribution panel
6 Engine testings
convincing applications:
 All use HARTING Han® connectors on the PCB.
Front view Rear view Side view
 Reduce or completely remove the internal wiring in the product.HanOnBoard®
Comprehensive engineering expertise –
Cost-saving design:
 HARTING Integrated Solutions Design and Engineering
team carries out PCB and mechanical design.
 Concept designs are shown by 3D modelling.
 Designs are developed in conjunction with the customer,
to ensure the best result for the product as well as
achieving best practice for manufacturability.

Markets and Applications
Machine Manufacturing

Machine tool and metal forming machines, plastic and rubber machinery, food and …
Information Technology (IT)

HARTING, Inc. supplies connectivity solutions to multiple segments that support the …
Factory Automation

Han® leads the way
Transportation – Rail

HARTING Han® Connectors are commonly used in many areas of transit and freight train …

The demands made on technologies employed in the health care sector have always been …

Energy generation from both renewable and conventional resources, also energy …
Broadcast & Entertainment

Indoor / Outdoor LED Display Industrial Electrical Connectors

HARTING enables fast, reliable and simple LED Display install.

Machine tool and metal forming machines, plastic and rubber machinery, food and beverage processing machines, semiconductor machinery, packaging machinery and material processing and handling machinery.
Material Handling Machinery

Conveyor manufacturers require a simpler and quicker means to assemble, disassemble, test …
Packaging Machinery

As new products are released into the market, new packaging designs are in constant …
Material Processing Machinery

The material processing market encompasses a wide array of segments that include multiple …
Plastics Machinery

Plastics are one of the most utilized materials in the world both commercially and …
Machine Tool and Metal Forming Machinery

The machine tool and metal forming machinery market has transformed into a globally …

HARTING, Inc. supplies connectivity solutions to multiple segments that support the overall IT industry. The segments HARTING supplies to include: semiconductor equipment and machinery manufacturers, power supply manufacturers, and producers of high end data storage and server systems
Semiconductor Machinery

For semiconductor equipment manufacturers developing new 300mm tooling, development costs …
High-End Data Storage and Server Systems

With the rapid introduction of new technologies into the market place and continued …

Factory 1
HARTING Han® Connectors are commonly used in many areas of factory automation and especially automotive manufacturing. Robotics, machine tools, material handling, conveyors, painting, engine building, and body assembly all take advantage from the robust and reliable Han connector family. The HAN connector family includes multi-pin connectors with robust, high-density inserts to 216 pins, modular connectors that allow a combination of power, signal, coax, ethernet, pneumatic and fiber-optic contacts in a single connector, and high current contacts to 650 amps. HAN connectors meet world wide approvals such as ODVA, PTO and others.
Han in broad use
Factory 2
A principle area of success for the Han industrial connectors is in robotic applications. Han connectors are used, for example, on main power, controls, signaling, welding and axis control.
Downtimes are minimized with the quick disconnect features of the Han connectors. And with a track record of high reliability, Han connectors are in demand in many automotive plants. Many of the leading robot manufacturers take advantage of the versatility, cost savings, ease of use, and robustness of Han connectors. HARTING offers milliampere, high current, coax, pneumatic, ethernet connectivity and fully shielded communication connectors.
Factory 3
Han Drive®
Factory 4
Han Drive makes gear motor motor connect / disconnect fast and error free. Utilized where the cost of downtime is very high, Han Drive allows huge time reductions for motor change-out. In factory automation, the trend towards wider use of ‘smart’ motors with circuits in addition to main power such as thermistor, overcurrent, overvoltage, braking, signaling, and communication lends itself well to the features of the Han connector. Modular Han connectors can be custom built for each application

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