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Fuji FRENIC Lift

Over the years, Fuji Electric has collected a well-established know-how of inverters for lift applications. With this focus in mind, we developed a new inverter, specialized in lift applications with all related requirements: FRENIC-Lift. With FRENIC-Lift, Fuji Electric is well established in the lift industry, and is ready and well-prepared for the European lift market. Like all Fuji Electric inverters, FRENIC-Lift offers a big variety and many possibilities – and of course finest Japanese high quality. FRENIC-Lift is an ideal inverter for nowadays market of lift applications.



• Dedicated inverter for lift applications
• User friendly
• Low maintenance: Long-life design
• Speed control accuracy: + 0.01%
• Current loop bandwidth: 500 Hz
• Powerful: 200% of rated current for 10 s
• 4.0 kW to 45 kW (3 ph 400 V supply)
• 5.5 kW to 22 kW (3 ph 200 V supply)
• 2.2 kW (1 ph 200 V supply)
• TP-G1-ELS (multifunctional keypad, 12 languages available)

Fuji Electric FA has designed FRENIC Lift inverter
to fulfill the requirements of lift applications.
It includes the most advanced technology
to offer a product easy to set up, powerful and
FRENIC Lift is the name of the
technology and quality dedicated to elevator

Excellent Comfort
FRENIC Lift has an excellent shaft performance: current loop bandwidth is 500 Hz, 5 times faster than its predecessor (UD series); and the accuracy of the
speed control is ±0.01%, obtaining very low vibration
and excellent rollback avoidance.
Very high overload torque: can deliver 200% of rated
current for 10 s. The inverter is rated for 10 kHz switching frequency, at 45°C for a duty cycle of 80% ED.

Universal Solution for elevators
FRENIC Lift is able to control asynchronous (induction) motor (with and without encoder) and permanent magnet synchronous motors.
FRENIC Lift is able to control permanent magnet synchronous motor with incremental encoder without using additional options (HTL 12-15 VDC supply voltage encoder).
Other encoder types can be used by adding optional cards: Heidenhain EnDat 2.1 encoder (OPCLM1-PS1), SinCos encoder (OPC-LM1-PR) or incremental encoder 5 VDC Line driver (OPC-LM1-IL).
Braking transistor is included in all capacities.

Static auto-tuning and pole tuning
FRENIC Lift is able to perform Static Auto-tuning for
Asynchronous motor and Static Pole tuning for
Permanent Magnet Synchronous motors; during both
procedures the mechanical brake remains applied, avoiding the time-consuming task of removing the load from the motor.

Advanced functions dedicated to Lift applications
Excellent rollback avoidance.
Short floor operation.
Direct to floor operation.
Brake control function.
Main contactors control.
Anticipated door opening function.
Easy rescue operation. Can be supplied usingbatteries and/or UPS.
Signal for indication of the recommended direction.
10 different linear accelerations/deceleration ramps.
14 different S ramps.
Automatic control of the cooling fan : silent operation and energy saving.
Ground fault protection.
Input phase lost protection.
Overheat early warning indication signal.
A compact package from Fuji Electric of proven hardware plus customized software at a standard price – fast, precise, quiet, safe and economic. The FRENIC MULTI_LIFT inverter is optimally equipped for all lift and elevator drives:
Fast – the torque required for the actual load status is determined with a highly dynamic calculation process. This precise control of voltage and current vectors guarantees maximum output torque over the entire operating range.
Precise – the standard unit becomes an extremely precise drive unit with the lift-specific software tailored to customer requirements. This results in more precise positioning and high drive comfort.
Quiet – system is equipped with various special functions such as specific curves and online tuning. This reduces start/stop noises and other drive noises to a minimum during operation.
Safe – the main advantage of these user-specific modifications is an emergency power supply with buffer battery for mains interruptions. This permits safe travel to the next level.
Economic – the integrated special functions result in less mechanical wear and gentler starts/stops. Current peaks are eliminated and the reactive current proportion is greatly reduced. The lift therefore remains flexible for future developments and modifications.

Book type frame up to 7.5 kW
Dual Mounting
Feed through mounting (with IP54 heat sink)
Removable input and output power terminals

Contactor-less solution compliant to EN 81-1 + A3
Customizable logic capability (PLC function)
Built-in advanced fieldbuses dedicated to lift applications
(CANopen CiA DSP 402 & 417 and DCP 3 & 4)
Built-in EMC filter
Different energy saving levels according to Draft ISO 25745 & VDI 4707

• Faster speed and current control loop for easier and faster comfort adjustment
• Two new motor control modes: Vector control with peripheral PG and Sensor-less vector control for rescue operation (PMSM)
• Removable control terminals
• Easier rescue operation with 24 VDC power supply for control board
• Several certified functions for safety operation
• New software functions to make easier setup
• Product range of 1ph 200 V 2.2 kW and 3ph 400 V 2.2 kW – 45kW

Option board for main market encoders
• Option for line driver encoders
• Option for open collector encoders
• Option for SinCos absolute encoders
• Option for serial communication encoders
(EnDat 2.1 & 2.2, Hiperface, SSI, Biss)

Encoder pulses feedback built-in in options:
Line driver with frequency divider

Multifunction LED keypad
• USB port

Customizable LCD keypad
• User friendly
• Possible to display real
system values with preferable indications
• Multi language support:
19 different languages + user customized language

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