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Description Of Foxboro DCS Module-FBMs – Foxboro FBMs
Foxboro DCS Module-FBMs – Foxboro FBMs Specificaton & Trade Terms

Foxboro DCS Modules:FBMs
1.General Agent of Foxobor in South of China
2.Competitve price
3. Good quality and service

Foxboro DCS Modules: FBM

Channel Isolated, 8 Input 0-20 mA
Analog input
Conversion time, rate of change limits
PSS 21H-2Z1 B4

Channel Isolated, 8 Input Thermocouple/mV
PSS 21H-2Z2 B4

Channel Isolated, 8 Input RTD(Platinum, Nickel, Copper)
PSS 21H-2Z3 B4

Channel Isolated, 4 Channel 0-20mA In + 4 Channel 0-20mA Out
Analog I/O
Conversion Time, Fail-Safe Configuration(Hold/ Fallback on per channel basis)
PSS 21H-2Z4 B4

Channel Isolated, 4 Channel Redundant 0-20mA In + 4 Channel Redundant 0-20mA Out
PSS 21H 2Z5 B4

Channel Isolated, 16 DIN Voltage Monitor
Discrete I/O
Input filter time
PSS 21H-2Z7 B4

Channel Isolated, 16 DIN 24VDC Contact Sense
Discrete I/O, or ladder logic

Channel Isolated, 16 DIN 48 VDC Contact Sense

Group Isolated, 8 Input RTD
PSS 21H-2Z13 B4

8 Input Hart Communication, 4-20mA input signal
Support for the HART commands necessary to interface the field device with the I/A series system database
PSS 21H-2Z12 B4

Redundant Ready HART Inputs, 8 Channels
Group Isolated, 32 Discrete Input
PSS 21H-2Z17 B4

Discrete I/O, 32 Channels, 24 DIN voltage monitor+8 DOUT pulse, group isolated
Input filter time, Fail-Safe Configuration, Fail-Safe fallback, Sustained and Momentary output. If momentary output configurable is needed, pulse output interval can be also configurable.
PSS 21H-2Z19 B4

Differential Isolated, 16 differential Input 0-20 mA
PSS 21H-2Z11 B4

4 Modbus Communication Channels

Provides a interface between MODBUS salve devices and the Controller Process of I/A series system
PSS 21H-2Z24 B4

Four Serial Ports, Redundant

Provides a serial interface between dual-ported field I/O devices and I/A series system
PSS 21H-2Z31 B4

10/100 Mbps Ethernet, Redundant
PSS 21H-2Z33 B4

Channel isolated, 8 channel 0-20mA output, redundant
Output Fail-Safe Configuration(Hold/ Fallback on per channel basis)
PSS 21H-2Z37 B4

Channel Isolated, 8 channel voltage monitor, 8 channel DOUT pulse, external power
PSS 21H-2Z41 B4

Channel Isolated,16 External Source DO
Fail-Safe Configuration
PSS 21H-2Z42 B4

24 Port
Fiber E’net Switch w/24 MT-RJ Ports & Uplink Ports

Rapid scaling Tee Protocol(RSTR), manages redundant paths, prevent loops, and provides high speed convergence time for a network
PSS 21H-7C3 B4

T2750 PAC (Programmable Automation Controller) Hardware

The T2750 PAC hardware provides high-performance control with cost-effective redundancy options in a versatile modular system. Powerful instruments, the control units, and the I/O system form the basis of a complete distributed control and recording environment. This environment is capable of continuous analog, logic, sequential control, batch management, secure data recording at point of measurement, and setpoint programming.

Combined with its powerful array of specialized features, it is designed to maximize your ROI, and ensure the maximum availability of your process. In addition to this, the Foxboro PAC is fitted with E-Sync technology (Invensys’ easy synchronization functionality), offering redundant processors and networking at the touch of a button – it couldn’t be simpler.

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