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fatek plc
The FBs-PLC’s design incorporates a “System on Chip” (SoC) developed in-house by Fatek Corporation. The BGA chip consists of over 120,000 gates which integrates powerful features such as a Central Processing Unit (CPU), Memory, Hardware Logic Solver (HLS), 5 high-speed communication ports, 4 sets of hardware high-speed counters/timers, 4 axes of high-speed pulse outputs for NC positioning control (with linear interpolation), 16 high-speed interrupts and captured inputs. The FBs-PLC represents high functionality and reliability with exceptional value compared to other PLC’s in its class.
FBs Series
The FBs-PLC has more than 300 instructions which adopts a user friendly and readable multi-input/multi-output function structure. With this multi-input instruction structure the user can derive many types of functionality which other brands of PLC’s may require the use of many instructions to achieve this.
B1/B1z Series
The streamline design of SoC technology significantly reduces the hardware costs. The B1/B1z series PLC incorporates the most sophisticated manufacturing process and high quality two-layer board design. This makes the B1/B1z PLC very price-competitive in today’s cost conscience PLC market

Main Unit
– Basic Main Units – Advanced Main Units
– NC Positioning Main Units
Right Side Expansion Module
– Power Supplies for Expansion Modules – DIO Expansion Units
– DIO Expansion Modules – Thumbwheel Switch Module
– 16/7 Segment LED Display Modules – AIO Modules
– Temperature Measurement Modules – AI + Temperature Measurement Combo Modules
– Voice Module – Load Cell Module
– Potential Meter Module
Left Side Expansion Module
– Communication Modules – Communication Boards
– AIO Boards – Precision Load Cell Module
– 3-Axis Motion Control Module – Simple HMI
Peripheral and Accessory
– RFID Card – General Purpose Communication Converter
– Handheld Programming Panel – Memory Pack
– PWMDA – USB-RS232 Converter Cable
– Communication Cable – High Density DIO Connection Cable
– 16/7 Segment LED Display – Training Box




Power Supply


fatek power supply
 Universal AC input 
  Overload protection

High power density 
 Over voltage protevtion

  Short circuit protevtion

Compact designer 
 Convection cooled 
 LED power indicator

DIN rail 

Made of double-sided PCB

 Great reliability





fatek inverter
FATEK provides both general purpose and dedicated drives.
FID L2 Series
A compact, robust, and versatile AC Drive with standard modbus communication. Offering the most economical motor drive solution for industrial applications and OEM’s.
FID E2 Series

Fatek OPC Servers
• Supports OPC Data Access (DA) and OPC Alarm and Event (AE) specifications.
• Supports engineering data conversion to client’s request.
• Supports value simulation for all data items.
• Supports multiplier to create tags quickly.
• Tags can be grouped in logical folders.
• Remote tag browsing and access from OPC Client.
• Supports read and write Fatek PLC registers.
• User could define high/low Alarm and digital alarm condition.
• Easy to monitor the values of PLC registers after configuring the tags.
Model Specification
FATEK OPC SERVER OPC Server is a standard software application and is widely used in field applications. The FATEK OPC Server is used for connecting to the FBs/B1/B1z PLC series. It includes serial (FatekSerialOPC) and ethernet (FatekNetOPC) servers for different communication interface of PLC. The Server supports both standard OPC Data Access (DA) and OPC Alarm/Event (AE) server that includes limit and digital alarm functions. The 3rd party SCADA software and customized applications with OPC client can directly access the registers of PLC through FATEK OPC Servers.

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