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Dynamic Automation brings a wide range of knowledge and expertise to the automotive industry, including direct experience in working with OEMs as well as Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers. Our specific experience with large robotic handling systems, various metal welding processes, component assembly and packaging equipment, and vision inspection systems positions us as the preferred automation partner for automotive manufacturers



Assembly SystemsHome Automation Technologies Assembly Systems
MAE-Hex-NutDynamic Automation provides assembly solutions from stand-alone operator-assisted stations to fully-automated turn-key assembly lines.

For information about our test & quality inspection systems, click here.

Assembly Systems Include

Indexing Systems
Rotary Indexing Dial Plate
Carousel Indexing Conveyor
Precision Link Over-Under Conveyor
Custom Tooling Fixtures
Custom Pneumatic, Stepper, & Servo Driven motions
Robot Integration
Commercial Component Integration
In-line Testing
Quality Inspection
Vision Inspection
Marking, Printing, & Labeling
Robot IntegrationHome Automation Technologies Robot Integration
robot-integrationDynamic Automation is a leader in integrating commercially-available robots and in the custom design of robotic systems.



With experience in the design and integration of a wide variety of coordinated motion robotic systems, we will integrate or design the robot that meets your budget, speed, load, and precision requirements.

Dynamic Automation is an officially recognized preferred integrator for:








Learn more about Denso Robotics, Fanuc Robotics, and Staubli Robotics on our Strategic Partners page.

Dynamic Automation also works with leading robot suppliers such as Adept, Motoman, Yamaha, IAI, Mitsubishi, and many others.




Advantages of Robotic Systems


Increase Quality & Productivity
Eliminate Operator Injuries
Reduce Floor Space Requirements

Dynamic Automation’s Robotic System Features & Functions

High Speed Assembly
Test & Quality inspection
Precision Assembly
Vision Guided Tasks
Custom End-of-arm Tools
Automatic End-of-arm Tool Change-outs
Material Handling
Product Sorting
Packaging Machine Loading
Marking, Printing, and Labeling
Cutting & Joining
Safety Interlocked Integration

Packaging SystemsHome Automation Technologies Packaging Systems

Dynamic Automation can integrate off-the-shelf packaging machinery to work seamlessly with our custom automation equipment as a complete and synchronous line. We can also build custom packaging systems to better fit your exact product and process.

We also integrate standard and custom robotic systems to load and offload products into or out of packaging machines and other processing equipment. Multi-up pick heads, automated change-out tooling, and vision guided flexible feeding systems allow for a wide range of part geometries to be loaded into a variety of packaging forms such as trays, packs, and kits.

Packaging Systems

Validation & DocumentationHome Automation Technologies Validation & Documentation
validation-documentationDynamic Automation understands that successful machine design and program development goes hand-in-hand with comprehensive validation and documentation.

Every one of our machines includes a full build-to-print level documentation package.

Recognized good manufacturing standards (such as cGMP and GAMP 5) are integrated into the quality control processes throughout the design, build, and commissioning phases of our equipment.

Our validation experts use documentation templates to provide the thorough turn over package you need to ensure you can verify compliance with FDA requirements, ISO standards and other regulatory mandates.

Validation Documentation:

Design Documentation
Traceability Matrix
User Requirements Specifications (URS)
Hardware Design Specification (SDS)
Software Design Specification (HDS)
Mechanical Drawings, Electrical Schematic, Pneumatic Schematic, and Software Source Code
Operating Manual (w/ troubleshooting, spare parts, PM, etc.)
OEM Manuals
Data Reporting & Database Integration
Project Documentation

Project Gantt Charts
Project Action Items Lists
Testing & Qualification

Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT)
Site Acceptance Testing (SAT)
Installation Qualification (IQ)
Operational Qualification (OQ)
SCADA Factory-Level Controls Systems
Testing & Quality InspectionHome Automation Technologies Testing & Quality Inspection
Digital Vernier CaliperDynamic Automation can help your organization meet stringent regulatory and customer quality requirements by providing automated testing and quality inspection solutions.

Our custom designed automated assembly and processing systems feature the latest technologies for in-line quality inspections. We provide standalone testing and inspection work cells to execute the final assembly for your line as well as the life cycle performance testing required to ensure the highest level of quality for your products.

From laser-based technologies and automated vision systems to on-contact part inspections, we have the experience and creativity to solve all of your in-line inspection requirements.

To learn more about our machine vision inspection solutions, click here

Testing & Quality Inspections Include:

Leak and Flow
Assembly Alignment
Fit & Functional
Gauging/ Measurement
Bond strength
Cutting & JoiningHome Automation Technologies Cutting & Joining

Dynamic Automation can integrate the latest proven technology available for automatic cutting and joining processes. We also have the expertise to develop custom methods and solutions for addressing the exact needs of your specific application.

Our engineers can identify the most cost effective technology that meets the quality, reliability, and repeatability requirements of your product.

In-line inspection and verification can be provided to deliver real-time quality assurance on your cutting and joining processes.

Joining technologies:

Heat Staking
Hot Plate Welding
Tack Welding
Ultrasonic Welding
Spin Welding
Inductive Welding
Adhesives – see more on dispensing
UV Cure
Pressure Sensitive Adhesives (PSA)
Two Part Epoxies
Adhesive Dispensing Technologies
Time-pressure Valves
Diagram Vales
Syringe Valves
Jet dispense of Pico Dot Adhesives
Laminating & Coating (dip, spray, slot die)

cutting-joiningCutting Technologies:

Punch & Die
Steel Rule Die
Laser Cutting
Rotary Cutting & Sawing
Ultrasonic Cutting

Aerospace & FastenersHome Industries Aerospace & Fasteners
aerospace-fastenersFrom years of providing a wide array of assembly and processing equipment to the world’s aerospace leaders, Dynamic Automation has gained substantial experience in the design of equipment for aeronautical systems.


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