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CV by Parker Convum Vacuum Products


Manufacturer: Parker Convum Vacuum Products
Basic type CONVUM
•Simple construction without moving parts assures long lives.
•With chemical-resistant or fume-resistant materials available for the main unit, the CONVUM can be used in various environments.
•Mechanical Vacuum switch type is available



CVR2 by Parker Convum Vacuum Products


Electric energy saving type CONVUM
•In case as option you choose check valves, you can reduce air consumption.
•Digital pressure sensors with solenoid valve controls “MVS-201″ are mountable
•Max 10 units of manifolds are to be selected



CVK by Parker Convum Vacuum Products


Large capacity type CONVUM
•Digital pressure sensors with solenoid valve controls “MVS-201” are mountable on “CVK” CONVUM

CVS by Parker Convum Vacuum Products

Small type CONVUM Outer Diameter 18 mm x 67 mm
•Solenoid valves are mounted to control pressures.
Digital Pressure Sensor MPS-2/3 by Parker Convum Vacuum Products




Every pressure control zone is digitized irrespective of pneumatic or hydraulic pressure.
•Easy to use
•NPN , PNP and Analog output (1-5V).
•There are three kinds of pressure cooking ranges, that is, negative pressure, standard pressure, and compound pressure.
•Reliable CE mark.
•The current consumption is reduced thanks to energy saving devices



MC2 by Parker Convum Vacuum Products


•The CONVUM mounted with a miniature solenoid valve features their plastic housing of the body.
•You can select a variety of sensors for mounting on the miniature, lightweight CONVUM.This allows you to find its application in various areas.
•The MC2 is mountable with the sensor MVS-201with solenoid valve control function
•Up to eight manifolds are available.
•You can also select air-operated type of convum
MC3 by Parker Convum Vacuum Products




Small, light weight CONVUM
•The CONVUM mounted with filter and generation control solenoid valve are also available.
•The high speed CONVUM can be mounted directly on chip mountersand testers.
•Up to eight manifolds are available



MC4 by Parker Convum Vacuum Products


•10mm thickness CONVUM
•MC4 with 1/2 small and light(56kgs) vs. conventional model can be mounted directrly on moving head of chip mounters and testers .
•You can select ejectors or switching valve systems by applying with MPV4
•Up to five manifolds are available



MC5 by Parker Convum Vacuum Products


High speed surface monuting can be actualized.
•Single unit, compact and 70g ultra light weight.
•Robot cables are applied to power supply for pressure sensors by mounting on chip mounters/bonder heads movable.
•30 msec response speed can be realized. Attaining up to 80 kpa with an air tube of (,,4x,,2.5x800mm) by using 10HS nozzle
MCA by Parker Convum Vacuum Products




The extremely lightweight CONVUM are now available for your application with their housings of the body made of plastics.
•You can install the CONVUM on pipes.
•The threaded type of CONVUM can be directly mounted on fittings of pads
Separate Type 1CH,4CH Digital Pressure Sensor MPS-5/6/8 by Parker Convum Vacuum Products

Pursuing total advantages of pressure control
•The sensor heads are separated from indicators.
•Space-Saving (10mm width) (MPS8)
Two color expression Digital Pressure Sensor MPS-31 by



Parker Convum Vacuum Products


The pressure change can be watched by large-scale LED and two color luminescence.
•Two button method to pursue easiness to use
•There are abundant installation variations.
•The unit switch functions are attached. (For foreign countries):Negative,Positive,Compound Preassure
•Reliable CE mark
Vacuum Sensor 10 mm width MPS-9 by Parker Convum Vacuum Products




Small-size, high-accuracy
•easy mode function.
•High-Seed response: less than 1.5 msec
•NPN-output,PNP-output ,Analog output(1-5V)
•Hysteresis operation and keylock function.
•DIN is available.

•Pressure Range: Negative,,Compound



Vacuum Sensors MVS-030AB/035G by Parker Convum Vacuum Products

For mounting on comvum
•MVS-035G with Analog Out put (1-5V)

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