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TFP-41.2, TFP-51.2, TFP-61, TFP-181




TFP-41.2, TFP-51.2, TFP-61, TFP-181
Hygienic, flow optimized temperature measurement for tubes from DN25 and vessels with hygienic thread G1/2″ (CLEANadapt)

Version with 2 x Pt100
Versions with connecting head 18 mm and 55 mm
Spacer available as option (TFP-51.2, TFP-61H)





Potentiometric, continuous level measurement in metallic vessels for process temperatures up to 140°C/284°F

Compact sensor with 2-wire technology,
Single probe version with angled rod, rod diameter 10 mm
Hygienic thread G1/2″ and G1″ (CLEANadapt), Tri-Clamp 1” – 2“ as well as Varivent® type F and N
Minimum product conductivity typically 50 μS/cm



TF Smart


TF Smart

Process pressure measurement in pipes and vessels

Pressure sensor for high process temperatures up to 200°C
HART protocol




Magnetic-inductive measurement of flow rate and volume of media with a minimum conductivity of >5μS/cm

Precise measurement of media containing solids (< 5 % solid particle content)
Suitable for liquids, mash and pastes
Suitable for flow rates from 30 l/h up to 640 000 l/h
Conforming to 3-A Sanitary Standard with process connection weld flange, aseptic fitting acc. to DIN11864-1 threaded side, Tri-Clamp
Process connection optionally with Ra ≤ 0.4 μm, electropolished
CIP-/SIP-cleaning up to max. 130 °C / 266°F (max. 30 minutes)
Large selection of process adapters
Incl. material certificate



ILM-2, ILM-3





ILM-2, ILM-3

Measurement of conductivity of liquid media for

Controlling of CIP processes (e. g. phase separation detergents / water)
Concentration measurement (e.g. Alkali and acid concentration in remaking)
Monitoring of product quality & quality control
Wearless inductive measurement principle

Up to 14 measurement ranges selectable, max. 4 external switchable (ILM-3)
Precise measurement by compensation of temperature influence
Each measurement range can be assigned a seperate temperature coefficient (ILM-3)
High reproducibility of ≤ 1 % of measurement value
Analog output for conductivity and temperature as standard
Installation in pipes from DN 40 possible







Turbidity measurement for very low turbidities in pipes from DN25 on.

Pollution of the glass panes will be compensated
Compact device, no separate evaluation unit necessary
Units NTU and EBC switchable (11 ranges per unit)
4 free selectable and externally switchable measurement ranges
smallest measurement range 0…5 NTU resp. 0…1 EBC
highest measurement range 0…5000 NTU resp. 0…1250 EBC
Colour independent measurement principle (wave length 860 nm)
3-A certificate with process connection Tri-Clamp and hygienic thread connection






Adapters & Fittings

Adaption for temperature measurement in pipes without process opening from DN25 on. Build-in system for vessels.
Instrumentation & Controls

Programming the internal sensor parameter of Anderson-Negele modular plattform of potentiometric level and conductivity

PC based system with connection and power supply through USB port

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