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Keysight Technologies U8002A Bench Power Supply, 1 Output 0 → 30V 0 → 5A 150W

Product Details
U8000 Series Power Supplies
The Keysight U8000 Series offers 90W ( 667-2581 ) or 150W ( 667-2585 ) single output, non-programmable DC power supplies which include features normally found only in costly programmable supplies. The U8000 Series provides reliable DC power, efficient setup capabilities and important security features for applications in electronics manufacturing and in the educational sector. It offers fully integrated over voltage protection (OVP) and over current protection (OCP) to prevent damage to the DUT. Using the capability to save and recall three memory states, users can minimise errors and reduce setup time. The U8000 Series provides a keypad lock to prevent measurement errors due to accidental front panel usage. When the keypad lock is activated, the knob and all the buttons on the front panel are disabled except for the keypad lock button. The physical lock mechanism at the rear panel of the power supply provides secure instrument storage. The LCD display with backlight on/off options enables brighter display for data viewing.
Excellent load and line regulation
Low output noise: 1 mVrms (20 Hz to 20 MHz)
Over Voltage and Over Current Protection
LCD display with backlight capability
Standby output for safety purposes
Save-and-recall function up to three memory states
Security features: keypad lock and physical lock mechanism
Manufacturer Part No Weight Output Ratings Stock no.
U8001A 7.3kg 0 to 30 V, 0 to 3 A 667-2581
U8002A 8.3kg 0 to 30 V, 0 to 5 A 667-2585
Load Regulation <0.01% + 2mV
<0.02% + 2mA
Line Regulation <0.01% + 2mV
Ripple and Noise (25°C ±5°C) 12mVp-p, <1mVrms
Load transient responce time <50μs
Programming Accuracy (25°C ±5°C) <0.35% ± 20mV
<0.35% ± 20mA
Readback Accuracy (25°C ±5°C) <0.35% ± 20mV
Meter Resolution (25°C ±5°C) 10mV
Maximum output float voltage ±240 V(dc)
Dimensions 212.3mm (W) x 88.1mm (H) x 394.3mm (D)
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Maximum Temperature +55°C
Minimum Temperature 0°C
Number of Displays 2
Number of Outputs 1
Output Connector Binding Post Terminal
Output Current 0 → 5A
Output Voltage 0 → 30V
Power Rating 150W
Supply Voltage 110 V ac, 230 V ac
Type Digital





Keysight Technologies U1401A Multi Function Calibrator 250V 500mA

Keysight U1401B Handheld Multi-function Calibrator/Meter
For quick validation, servicing or troubleshooting of process components on the move – easy travelling and testing with single, rugged, feature-intensive tool.
Safety orange
Dual display with bright LCD backlight
Simultaneous source and measure
Bipolar voltage and current, square-wave, auto scan and ramp outputs
Full-span DMM capability including temperature and frequency measurements
Hold and Min/Max/Average re
Function DC mV/voltage 50mV AC mV/voltage (true-rms: from 5% to 100% of range) AC+DC mV/voltage (true-rms: from 5% to 100% of range)
Range 50mV; 500mV; 5V; 50V; 250V 50mV; 500mV; 5V; 50V; 250V 50mV; 500mV; 5V; 50V; 250V
Resolution 1μV; 10μV; 0.1mV; 1mV; 10mV 1μV; 10μV; 0.1mV; 1mV; 10mV 1μV; 10μV; 0.1mV; 1mV; 10mV
Accuracy 0.05%+50 (50mV, 1μV); 0.03%+5 (other) 45Hz to 5kHz = 0.7%+40 (50mV, 1μV); 45Hz to 5kHz = 0.7%+20 (other); 5kHz to 20kHz = 1.5%+40 (50mV, 1μV); 5kHz to 20kHz = 1.5%+20 (other) 45Hz to 5kHz = 0.8%+70 (50mV, 1μV); 45Hz to 5kHz = 0.8%+25 (other); 5kHz to 20kHz = 1.6%+70 (50mV, 1μV); 5kHz to 20kHz = 1.6%+25 (other)
Overload Protection 250Vrms 250Vrms 250Vrms
Supplied with
quick start guide, certificate of calibration, calibrator/meter standard test lead kit, yellow test lead for mA simulation, protective holster, carrying case, rechargeable battery pack, AC power adapter & power cord, product reference CD (including data logging software)
Multifunction Calibrators
Battery Life 20 h
Battery Type Rechargeable NiMH
Dimensions 54 x 90 x 192mm
Height 192mm
Length 54mm
Maximum Current Measurement 500mA
Maximum Operating Temperature +40°C
Maximum Voltage Measurement 250V
Minimum Operating Temperature 0°C
Model Number p U1401A
Power Source Battery
Weight 0.98kg
Width 90mm




Keysight Technologies 33220A Function Generator 20MHz GPIB, LAN, USB

Keysight 33200A Series Function Generators
The Keysight 33220A is a BenchVue enabled, 20MHz function/arbitrary waveform generator which offers uncompromising performance for functions, pulses and arbitrary waveforms. It features direct digital synthesis (DDS) of sine and square ramp, triangle, noise and pulse generation with variable edge, and DC waveforms. AM, FM and PWM Modulation, linear & logarithmic sweeps and burst are all standard.
USB, GPIB and LAN (LXI) interfaces included
Graph mode for visual verification of signal settings
Instrument Features
Direct digital synthesis, 14 bit resolution, 64K memory depth, and sample rate of 50 MSa/s
11 standard waveforms plus pulse and arbitrary waveforms
The most frequency stable and lowest distortion function generator in its class.
Keysight 33220A 20 MHz Function Generator
Arbitrary waveforms and pulse generation
Direct digital-synthesis techniques produce stable accurate outputs on all waveforms down to 1 uHz
12-bit vertical resolution, 64K memory depth, and a sample rate of 200 MSa/s
Can also store up to four 64K-deep arbitrary waveforms in non-volatile memory
Keysight 33250A 80 MHz Function Generator
33220A 33350A
Output Function Sine 1μHz to 20MHz 1μHz to 80MHz
Square 1μHz to 20MHz 1μHz to 80MHz
Triangle 1μHz to 200kHz 1μHz to 1MHz
Ramp 1μHz to 200kHz 1μHz to 1MHz
Frequency Resolution 1μHz 1μHz
Output Impedance 50Ω ±10% 50Ω ±10%
Amplitude Range 10mV to 10Vpp (into 50Ω) 10mV to 10Vpp (into 50Ω)
Resolution 4 digits 5 digits
DC Offset Range ±5V (into 50Ω) ±5V (into 50Ω)
Resolution 4 digits 4 digits
Accuracy ±2% of setting + 2mV ±1% of setting + 2mV
SYNC Output TTL levels TTL load > 1kΩ TTL load > 1kΩ
Sine Output Harmonics dc to 20kHz : -70dBc dc to 1MHz : -60dBc
20kHz to 100kHz : -65dBc 1MHz to 5MHz : -57dBc
100kHz to 1MHz : -50dBc 5MHz to 30MHz : -37dBc
1MHz to 20MHz : -40dBc
Square Output Rise/Fall Time ≤13ns ≤8ns
Overshoot 2% (at full scale output) 5% (at full scale output)
Asymmetry ±1% of period + 5ns ±1% of period + 1ns
Triangle and Ramp Output Linearity ±0.1 % of peak output ±0.1 % of peak output
Arbitrary Waveforms Sample Rate 50 MSa/s 200 MSa/s
Wavefrom Length 64K points 64K points
Vertical Resolution 14 bits including sign 12 bits including sign
Memories 4 waveforms 4 waveforms
Sweep (LIN or LOG) Sweep Range 1μHz to 20MHz 1μHz to 80MHz
Sweep Time 0.001s to 500s 0.001s to 500s
AM Modulation Function External, Internal External, Internal
Rate 2mHz to 20kHz 2mHz to 20kHz
Span 0 to 120% 0 to 120%
FM Modulation Function Sine, arb, ramp, square Sine, arb, ramp, square
Span DC to 10MHz DC to 80MHz
External Modulation input ±5V (DC to 20kHz) ±5V (DC to 20kHz)
Power Requirements Voltage 100 – 240V 50 / 60Hz
100 – 120V 50 / 400Hz 100 – 240V 50 / 60Hz
100 – 127V 50 / 400Hz
Power rating 50 VA 140 VA
Operating manual, service manual, quick reference guide, IntuiLink waveform editor software, test data, USB cable, power cord
Arbitrary Waveform Generators
Digital Amplitude and Offset Yes
Digital Frequency Yes
Dimensions 303.2 x 261.1 x 103.8mm
FM Modulation Yes
Height 103.8mm
Input Impedance 10 kΩ, 5 kΩ
Interface Type GPIB, LAN, USB
Internal and External Amplitude Modulation Yes
Internal Linear and Log Sweep Yes
Length 303.2mm
Maximum Frequency Range Sinewave 20MHz
Maximum Frequency Range Square Pulse and Arbitrary Waveform 20 MHz, 5 MHz, 6 MHz
Maximum Frequency Range Triangle/Saw 200kHz
Maximum Operating Temperature +55°C
Minimum Frequency Range Sinewave 1µHz
Minimum Frequency Range Square Pulse and Arbitrary Waveform 1 μHz, 500 μHz
Minimum Frequency Range Triangle/Saw 1µHz
Model Number p 33220A
Output Amplitude 10V Pk-Pk
Output Impedance 50Ω
Plug Type Type C – European Plug, Type G – British 3-pin
Time Base Accuracy ±20ppm
Variable Sweep Yes
Weight 3.4kg
Width 261.1mm

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