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Strain Gauge manufactured by IPA are of foil type and comes in two different impedances which are 120 Ohms and 350 Ohms.

These are used in the manufacture of loadcells and various strain measurement applications. We also manufacture nickel gauges for :

Span compensation

Temperature compensation
You can have all the accessories like adhesives, cleaning agents, elements for bonding of strain gauges etc. from us.

A load cell is a transducer that converts force or load into usable electrical signal. The primary mechanical element develops a strain as the load cells is loaded and this strain is transferred through the strain guages that are bonded on to this mechanical element The output electric signal is in Milli volts. There are normally four strain guages that are bonded in the Wheatstone bridge configuration. Strain Guage based load cells are passive transducer i.e. it does not generate its own signals and have to be excited with an external voltage commonly referred as the excitation voltage. The output of the load cell is proportional to the load and the excitation voltage.

IPA has pioneered the development of loadcells in India. Today we are a leading manufacturer of loadcells. We have our own in-house machining center and have total quality control on the process.
We manufacture loadcells from under 1 kg to a 1000Tonnes.. Based on various applications, below you find a few of our standard loadcells. Our loadcells are made of Aluminium, EN-24 and 17-4pH steel. If you are looking for a loadcell which is not in the list below, do contact us and we would be more than happy to develop the same for you or provide you with an equivalent design. We can supply special loadcells in low volumes at competitive prices

Binocular Load Cell
Button Type Load Cell
Compression Load Cell
Column Load Cell
Tension Load Cell
Double Shear Load Cell
Single Shear
Double Ended Shear Beam
Rope Tension
Universal Load cell
Double ‘S’ Load Cell

We offer strain guage based pressure transducers with and without integrated amplifier. We are also launching the digital pressure transducer- with a digital output. Our pressure transducers are very rugged and can be used for all media compatible with steel. With a stainless steel enclosure, these tough pressure transducers are available from 5 kg/cm² to 300 kg/cm².

Application :

Hydraulic & Pneumatic Plants
Steel&Cement Industries
Marine & Refineries
Chemical Industries
Food Processing Industries
IPA Accelerometer utilizes the spring-mass system for generating a force proportional to the amplitude of the input acceleration to the base of the system. Force is applied to the piezoelectric (PE) element made of leadzirconate –titan ate (PZT) material that produces a charge output proportional to the force. The PE material is self-generating and does not require an external power source.Our Accelerometers are single ended compression (SEC) design, which provides high sensitivity and high resonant frequency. A special type of base construction is used to minimize effects of base strain, which makes the device useful for reliable low signal level measurements. The Piezoelectric Accelerometer construction is entirely of stainless steel. It carries standard 10-32 UNF miniature connector for output connection and is suitable for application in low-level vibration measurements at frequencies down to 0.1 Hz in laboratory and industrial environments.These accelerometers are best suited for vibration analysis in harsh industrial environments.

Vibration meter type VM301A0 is a portable instrument, which is used in conjunction with Piezo-electric accelerometers to measure mechanical vibrations in terms of acceleration, velocity & displacement. It is suitable for both laboratory and field conditions. This instrument can be used to monitor vibration levels in production machines on a periodic basis, so that action can be taken before a complete machine failure. Its operation is simple and quite suitable for use by non-scientific personnel not conversant with electronic instrumentation. In combination with IPA Piezo electric accelerometers the unit provides direct read out of vibration parameters on a 3½ digit LCD display. The unit is powered by an 18V battery, which is built-in. Provision is also made for using an external power supply of 18V.

IPA offers a wide range of weighing solutions among which Crane Scale stands out as one of the rugged, accurate indigenous product- for which we had a patent. Starting from a capacity of 500Kg hook on crane scales finds its applications in ship building, material handling, manufacturing, etc., where material has to be weighed on the go. Crane scale is hooked on to the lifting mechanism such as a crane or a hoist and the crane scales hook lifts the material that is to be transferred. Simultaneously the weight/load is displayed while the material is being carried.This ensures that another operation of weighing is avoided.We also deal with wireless loadcells…click here to know more- http://straightpoint.com/Our crane scale features:• RED LED 50mm display with a visual range upto 30 meters.
• Remote Tare – upto 20 meters of remote operation.
• Power saving mode – automatic switch off after 30-100 seconds (programmable).
• Capacities upto 80T.

IPA’s bagging machines are extensively used in various industries like spices, coffee, cattle feed,tea, fertilizer, etc. We make both the nett weight bagging machine which is called the pre-weigh & dump machine and also the direct bagging machine. For the higher capacities we have the jumbo bagging machine. These machines are fully electronic and the sensing of weight is by high precision loadcells which are manufactured in house. The high speed electronics is totally designed by us and has features like dynamic inflight correction, coarse, fine and dribble feed ,etc.
The feed of material from the storage hopper is controlled either by gates, vibrofeeders or conveyors depending on the material being handled. Bagging speeds of upto to 6 bags per minute is achieved for 50 kg on a single head. These machines are integrated with a slat conveyor to carry the bag after filling and a stitching/ sealing machine to complete the process.

Belt scales or weight o meter are accepted means of moving bulk materials in process industries. With the advent of this fast mode of transportation, accounting the quantity of material transferred assumes great importance. Since weight remains as the most reliable index of material accounting and can be measured directly and precisely, designers can offer accurate weighing systems to maintain higher accuracy and better accountability in the process. Belt weighers also known as belt weighing scales are equipments that measures the quantity of material that has been conveyed by a belt.

The IPA Belt Weigher• The system uses straingauge type precision loadcell which have negligible deflection hence higher accuracy is achieved.
• Single idler with counter balancing arrangement for low belt loads having 2 loadcells and 4 loadcell platform type arrangement for high belt loads.
• Two idlers are used (using 4 loadcells) for weighing hence high resolution with respect to dead load of the belt and idlers.
• No mechanical levers are used to sense the belt load. Hence, no inaccuracy on that account.
• Digital Proximity speed sensor designed to generate sufficient pulses even at very low belt speed.
• High Speed ADC is used to have faster response.
• Self diagnostic facilities.
• Unique zero tracking software to compensate for varying “weight of the belt”.
• MODBUS/ Profibus/ remote display – communication port available as an option.
• Approved by weights & Measures.
Force Calibrator is designed to revalidate a loading system (UTM) or a hydraulic press from time to time. The system consists of a precision load cell / pressure transducer connected to the Force Calibrator, , which works on a single 9V battery with a 7 segment 10mm height, LCD display. To increase battery life a sleep mode has been incorporated. The indicator goes into a sleep mode if there is no change in reading beyond 5 counts within a span of 15 mins, thereby increasing battery life. The sleep mode can be revoked without any change in reading subject to load being held constant. The unit is factory calibrated using standards that has been calibrated in a national standards lab.

IPA make Hopper / Tank / Silo / Bin Weighing Systems offer simple, rugged, accurate and reliable weighing. It ranges from 5 KGs to any Tonne capacity depending upon single loadcell arrangement or multiple loadcells. Single load cell conversion is best suited for Liquid Weighing and in the case where only level indication is required. For Hopper and Silo Weighing System, generally, three loadcell mounting arrangement is ideal. But, for horizontal tank, four loadcell based systems are recommended and for outdoor application, hermetically sealed loadcells are preferred. The Indication for Hopper / Tank and Silo Weighing System can be Level / Weight, which is available either as Wall Mounting Type or Panel Mounting Type. Today we have digital load cells that can make the whole process of installation and trouble shooting easier.

Tyre inflators, also known as tyre pressure controller are the latest product that we have launched into the market. The systems are very rugged and can handle very hostile environments. The intelligent software ensures that the type of tyre is sensed and the filling happens in the shortest possible time. We have two models to suit your budget and operation which are the wall mounted model and the floor mounted model. these can be customized for special areas like cargo companies, military, police etc where the type of trucks are limited and so the tyre pressure need not be entered into the machine but the type of truck can be selected very easily. Our tyre inflators are ideally suited for fuel filling stations, automobile workshops, tyre shops, bus stations, freighting companies etc.
Vibration switch does the function of a “watch dog”. Certain amount of vibration is allowed in all the systems / Products. Vibration beyond a limit is catastrophic. This device monitors the vibration level of a machine, system and switches off / alarm, if its vibration goes out of the set limit. This can prevent unscheduled break downs for various heavy machinery such as large motors, gear boxes, cooling tower fans, etc.

IPA make Vibration Switch consist of

• Accelerometer with a frequency range of 10 Hz to 10 KHz giving an output proportional to acceleration.
• A level setting circuit, to set the allowable level of acceleration.
• A relay output, when the vibration exceeds the set level. This relay output can give warning or can shut the equipment under consideration.
During the operating life, rotating machines suffers gradual deterioration in their condition and performance due to wear and tear caused by friction between moving parts on the machines. Increase in machine wear is always accompanied by increase in vibration level, which therefore can be used as index of machine condition. If the machine is allowed to run on without corrective measures being taken, vibration levels will increase with time at increasing rate until a stage is reached where the machine fails completely. Monitoring vibration levels on machines such as Fans, Blowers, Pumps, Cooling Towers and Turbines which has to be operated continuously will help to detect increase in vibration levels that are likely to result in machine failure, so that a programmed shut down may be carried out for maintenance. PG701 series of Vibration Transmitters are designed to monitor the vibration levels of the above mentioned rotating machines. The 4-20Ma signal being proportional to the “G” level can be connected directly to the monitoring device such as a PLC, else customized display devices & data logging system, can be provided by us.

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