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Fluid conditioning systems


HYDAC – your reliable partner for all questions relating to fluid management For more than four decades, we have been devoting ourselves to solutions for prolonging service lifetimes and protecting components. The enhancement of availability of your hydraulic and lubrication systems and shorter down times are our main objectives.
HYDAC supplies the hydraulic filters – YOU profit from …

HIGH OPERATIONAL DEPENDABILITY due to stable separation values
LONG USEFUL LIFETIMES due to greater contamination retention capacity
CLEAN FLUID EVEN WITH COLD START due to low pressure losses
LONG SERVICE LIFETIMES due to high collapse stability
LOW ELEMENT – DISPOSAL COSTS through weight reduction
EASY HANDLING due to low weight
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Dewatering and other fluid conditioningStatic filtration systemsFlushing unitsMobile filtration systems

Hydraulic accumulators

HYDAC Technology GmbH can look back on over 50 years′ experience in hydraulic accumulators – in their research & development, design and manufacture.
This covers all hydropneumatic accumulators, from bladder and piston accumulators, right through to diaphragm accumulators and more recently metal bellows accumulators, encompassing new fields of application.
Continual expansion of the individual accumulator types over the years has produced the optimal accumulator product range, which is also supplemented by accumulator protection equipment on the gas and fluid side, such as temperature fuses, bursting discs, gas safety valves and other accessories.



Accumulators from HYDAC are in widespread use in most sectors of hydraulics.
They are versatile, improve the comfort of your machine, protect your hydraulic system and are used to increase the energy efficiency of hydraulic systems amongst many other functions.
Energy storage,
Emergency and safety functions,
Damping of vibrations, pulsations (pulsation damper) and shocks (pressure shock damper) and noise (silencer),
Suction flow stabiliser,
Chassis suspension,
Volume and leakage adjustment,
Weight equalisation,
Energy recovery, recuperation, and also
Media separation.




The expertise of our hydraulic specialists extends to all 4 major types of accumulator. We are pleased to support you, not only in selecting the right type of accumulator, but also in determining the correct model.
HYDAC‘s comprehensive range of accessories helps you to install the accumulator correctly, protect the gas and fluid side and to carry out maintenance.
HYDAC takes care of all your needs and provides on-site expertise worldwide:
Selection of the right type of accumulator, whether bladder, piston, diaphragm or metal bellows
Optimal selection of the appropriate model of accumulator with the help of modern calculation programs and accumulator simulation,
Appropriately matched accessories and safety equipment from a single source,
Maintenance and repair carried out worldwide by HYDAC Service and on-site by technical specialists.

Bladder accumulatorsPiston accumulatorsDiaphragm accumulatorsMetal bellows accumulatorsHydraulic dampersSpecial accumulatorsaccumulator stationsAccumulator accessoriesAssembly – Accumulators



Metal bellows accumulators


… are hydropneumatic accumulators with a metal bellows as a separation element between the compressible gas cushion and the operating fluid. The separation element is designed as either a bellow or as a welded diaphragm bellows.

HYDAC metal bellows accumulators are versatile in their application. For example, they are used for pulsation damping on heavy diesel engines or in the chemical industry. In the aeroplane industry, this type of accumulator design is usually used as energy accumulators or for volume compensation, respectively.


Essential specifications are:

Nominal volume: up to 6 l,
Permitted operating pressure: up to 210 bar
The following advantages set HYDAC metal bellows accumulators apart:

media-resistant over a wide temperature ranges.
To protect your hydraulic accumulators against
non-permitted temperature increase and/or excessive pressure,
we recommend our safety devices.

You can find further information and an online query form under: Products / hydraulic accumulator / accumulator accessories / accumulator safety devices and in the download area of the accumulator safety devices.



Valves monitor the pressure, flow rate or flow direction of hydraulic fluids. Thanks to a variant-rich programme, HYDAC valves offers almost all of the possibilities for structuring hydraulic systems – whether stationary or mobile. In this area, HYDAC offers cartridge, slip-in, plate mounted, subplates and inline connection valves up to nominal size 63. The performance ranges up to: Qmax = 6000 l/min Pmax = 630 bar

Pressure valvesFlow valvesCheck valvesDirectional valves solenoid operatedDirectional valves hydraulically operateDirectional valves manually operatedProportional valvesSlip-in cartridge valves (logics)Accessories / Spare parts valvesCoaxial valves



Shut-off valves


Shut-off valves from HYDAC are poppet and spool valves for the controlled opening or closing of lines and other hydraulic components. They control inlet, dischrage or outlet of hydraulic fluids.

Check valves with hardened seatCheck valves pilot to openCounter balance valvesHose break valveShuttle change-over valvesMotor start hydaulic capacitorsFlow valves

The flow valve programme encompasses practically all of the functions for influencing the flow rate which are required in hydraulics. Flow valves influence the flow rate in a system by means of mechanical or hydraulic modification of throttle cross-sections. HYDAC offers both manually and hydraulically controlled valves in this area.

Needle valvesNeedle valves hydraulically actuatedNeedle valves with reverse flow checkFlow control valves 2-wayFlow control valves 3-wayPressure compensatorsFlow divider / combiner



Air cooler


Complete oil-air coolers with axial or radial fans for industrial and mobile applications.

OK-EL – standard range
Cooling capacity up to 200 kW,
greater cooling capacity as special version possible,
also available with pump and filter as a bypass circuit available
as ATEX version or a version with continuously variable speed control
SC – Silent series
Cooling capacity up to 20 kW
with radial fan
also available with pump and filter as bypass circuit
OK-ELC – Compact series
Cooling capacity up to 34 kW
compact motor-fan unit
OK-ELD – Mobile series
with DC motor
OK-ELH – Mobile series
Cooling capacity up to 140 kW
with hydraulic motor

HYDAC heat exchangers and coolers are utilised in a wide range of applications, e.g. in
Stationary industrial hydraulics
Machine tools
Hydrostatic drives
Gear units
Mobile hydraulic systems
Plastic injection machines
Rail and vehicle technology

Low noise series AC-LNSilent series SC & OSCACompact series OK-ELCMobile series OK-ELDMobile series OK-ELH and AC-LNH



Low-noise SC series


The low-noise oil-air coolers of the SC series with radial fan are used for cooling small and medium-sized hydraulic systems. The versions with built-in pump (SCA) and filter (SCAF) represent a highly efficient bypass flow cooling and filtration.


SC product features:


Noise level < 70dB(A) (L version at 1 m distance)
Compact, efficient and high-performance
Simple dismantling of pump, motor and filter
SCA and SCAF series for bypass flow cooling
When the version with pump (SCA) is used, the oil temperature can also be kept constant, independent of the cycle times of the hydraulic system. The SCAF series with integrated HYDAC filter provides additional filtration of the oil.



OSCA and OSCAF – the optimised series


Further development and optimisation of the SCA / SCAF series
More performance with lower noise emissions in a more compact design
Temperature sensors

For recording and evaluating temperatures, HYDAC offers temperature transmitters and temperature switches for installation in pressure lines or for tank mounting.

Temperature measurement transducers record the temperature and convert it into a proportional output signal.

Electronic temperature switches record the temperature, process it and output a switching signal in accordance with the presetting.
Temperature transmitterElectronic temperature switchTermperature probe
Displacement sensors

Electronic path sensors are used for recording cylinder positions in fluid technology systems. Functionality and form of execution are determined by the respective utilisation conditions. In order to fulfil these requirements, HYDAC offers a comprehensive program, from simple attachment sensor to customer-specific, fully integrated sensor.
Position switchDisplacement transducersRotation sensors
HSS 110HSS 120HSS 130HSS 210HSS 220
Oil Condition Sensors

Oil condition sensors facilitate online monitoring of the oil condition in stationary and mobile applications.




Display units


The universal display device HDA 5500 offers the opportunity for visualisation and further processing of the signals of our sensors. The device is conceived for front-panel installation with standard 92×45 mm cutout.
Type series

HDA 5500, microprocessor-controlled display and monitoring device for switch panel installation
The SensorMonitoring Unit SMU 1100 is a minimum-size control unit for displaying and saving measurement value data in a PC network. The SensorMonitoring Unit SMU1200 is a display unit for the HYDAC fluid sensors which is designed for the display and storage of the measurement data.

Control panel instrumentsWall fastening
Measurement devices

HYDAC measurement devices are a helpful companion for many measurement tasks in fluid technology.

HYDAC offers an extensive array of easy to use measurement systems. Whether it be solid particles or fluid contamination, for sporadic checking or as a permanent installation, under rough field conditions or in the laboratory.
Plannable availability of plants & components
Avoidance of sudden downtimes
Reduction of operating costs
Prevention of catastrophic consequential damages to plants and associated delivery bottlenecks.
Preventive and condition-based maintenance

Handheld Measuring InstrumentsContamination measurement devicesMeasuring units for condition monitoring

Pumps transfer fluids… and keep things moving, even in your system. HYDAC offers a wide spectrum of pumps for a variety of hydraulic applications and systems. Our pumps are in action in many industries all over the world. HYDAC offers fixed displacement and variable displacement pumps in various designs and pressure ranges.
The spectrum ranges from 0.25 cm³/rotation to 560 cm³/rotation and covers pressure ranges of up to 400 bar.

Feed pumpsAxial piston pumpsvane type pumpExternal gear pumpsInternal gear pumps

External gear pumps

Available in four different sizes, with very narrow-stage specific displacement flow and a large range of flange and shaft designs. Our external gear pumps can be used in many various applications and industries. HYDAC external gear pumps are also available as multiple pump combinations (PGE104).

Internal gear pumps

Our internal gear pumps are characterised by extremely low noise levels, low pulsation and a very large speed range. The internal gear pumps are available in various sizes and pressure levels from 3.8 cm³/rotation to 250 cm³/rotation up to a max. nominal pressure of 330 bar. HYDAC internal gear pumps are also available as multiple pumps.

PGI100 / PGI101 / PGI103PGI 102
Mobile Valves

… are the ideal solution for all mobile applications in order to ensure the supply to all consumers!
Sectional Directional Control ValvesMonoblock Directional Control ValvesValves designed for ApplicationDiverse ValvesLoad-Sensing Valves
Monoblock Directional Control Valves

Directional control monoblock valves with 1 to 4 and 6 sections in 1/2″ and 1″. Recommended for applications with rated flows up to 160 l/min and operating pressures up to 300 bar. Spools optimized for different applications. Available with manually, cable, pneumatic, electro-pneumatic and optional electro hydraulic spool controls.
RM 230 L Directional Control ValveRM 270 L Directional Control Valve

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