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Auto Parts And Accessories

High-quality Spare parts for your car

Spare parts from Bosch impress by their quality, reliability and innovative technology. They only go into serial production once they meet our very stringent requirements.

With state of the art lights and brake systems, batteries with extremely long lives, wiper blades, starters and air filters that let six times less pollutants into the interior of your car, Bosch provides high quality spare parts that make driving safer, more comfortable and more eco-friendly. Naturally, Bosch spare parts are available for almost all vehicle types in ex-works quality. That means: Spare parts from Bosch have the same first class quality as those fitted in your car by the manufacturer.
EMobility Solutions

Networked infrastructure for electric vehicles

Bosch Software Innovations develops software and hardware solutions for an efficient network of charging and communication infrastructure for electromobility

Today eMobility Solution enables all infrastructure service providers to establish the future market places for electromobility and to continually improve their business models.

Bosch Service

More than 15,000 Bosch Car Service garages, Bosch Diesel Service Centers, and Bosch Diesel Service garages around the world ensure greater safety and reliability on the road.

Everywhere, drivers benefit from the first class service, expert know how and ex-works quality of automotive spare parts from Bosch. Whether you need a repair, seasonal maintenance or travel check-up, your vehicle – whatever brand it may be – will be in the very best hands. From mechanics to electrics and diesel technology – our professionals are experts and work with state of the art testing technology.

Automotive Technology

Automotive technology for the future

Innovations from Bosch have had a decisive influence on automobile history. As the world’s largest independent parts supplier to the automotive industry, we significantly contribute toward making driving ever safer, cleaner and more economical.

Our engineers develop and test product innovations for motor vehicle manufacturers in research centers around the world. Our products only go into serial production – for new vehicles produced by many different manufacturers around the world – once they have undergone extensive testing and meet our strict quality requirements.
Workshop World

Diagnostics software and hardware, training courses and partner programs for repair shops

Garages diagnose more efficiently, more safely and more quickly with testing technology from Bosch.

Bosch ensures that our first class automobile competence and innovative technology is also available to service garages. The know-how of one of the largest automotive suppliers is also inside our testing technology. Bosch provides garages with reliable diagnostics instruments that also recommend the appropriate measures to correct a fault. Bosch develops and produces state of the art vehicle testing systems for garages of every size and every service concept.

Ebike Systems

Allways the best support with technology from Bosch.

Software Solutions
Business Rules Management (BRM)

Business Rules Management
with Visual Rules

Our BRM software offers a high-performance platform for creating, maintaining and optimizing business logic (business rules). Rules define business logic, control and automate flows and react quickly to any events that arise within the system environment.
Business Rules Management (BRM)

Business Rules Management
with Visual Rules

Our BRM software offers a high-performance platform for creating, maintaining and optimizing business logic (business rules). Rules define business logic, control and automate flows and react quickly to any events that arise within the system environment.
Industry Solutions

Intelligent software solutions for various industries

Bosch Software Innovations designs and develops modern and customized solutions for various industries.

Whether you are in Financial Services, Insurance, Utilities, Manufacturing, Retail & Logistics, Telco or Public – we support you with the right solutions for your business.
Telecare And Telehealth Solutions

Innovative and beneficial technology for elderly people and patients
Bosch Healthcare provides telecare and telehealth systems that support elderly people and patients in their own environment.

The telecare portfolio comprises carephones and a choice of peripherals, as well as a mobile phone with integrated assistance button and also nurse call systems to provide the best possible care in retirement and nursing homes.

The telehealth system includes the patient interface, the web-based workplace application for healthcare professionals and health management programs for use in long-term care coordination of patients with chronic conditions.

Industry And Trade
Communication Center

The Bosch Communication Center is an international provider of business process outsourcing services in the areas of after sales, support, sales, and administration, including the surveillance of mobile and stationary objects.
Power Tools For Professionals

Professional tools for highest requirements.

We produce power tools for craftsmen and industry that provide the best technology, the highest performance and top quality for efficient work.

Bosch develops innovative, high quality power tools that are guaranteed to produce professional results in all fields of craftsmanship. Our tools are reliable, powerful and robust, fulfill the highest demands and make your work easier. Our intelligent lithium ion tools also make do without power cables, so you have maximum freedom of movement and power.

Sensors (MEMS) For Consumer Electronics

Bosch develops high quality MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical System) chips for international corporations that include tiny mechanical elements in their electronic logic.

With their aid, electronic products can be applied in a much more versatile, simple and intelligent way in medicine, security systems, sport, life sciences and logistics.

Security Systems

Bosch Security Systems is a global supplier of security, safety, and communications products, solutions and services.

Packaging Technology

Bosch develops intelligent packaging technology at the highest technological level for the national and international confectionery, food, pharmaceutical, chemicals and cosmetics industries.

Packaging technology from Bosch meets the most stringent demands: It works to excellent hygiene standards, is profitable, reliable and of course innovative. Be it medicines, chocolates, cosmetics or coffee – you have the product, and we offer you the clever packaging solution.


Highly sophisticated solar cells and thin-film modules for photovoltaic applications.
Bosch develops, manufactures, and markets wafer-based mono crystalline and polycrystalline silicon solar cells characterized by high, stable output with narrow output tolerance.
Owing to their high efficiency over long periods and good weak-light performance, solar cells make high energy yields possible even when the intensity of solar radiation is low.
Amorphous and micro morphous thin-film solar modules are also part of the product portfolio.

Solar Inverters

Innovative solar inverters and storage solutions for small and commercial PV plants. Bosch power tec develops, manufactures and markets innovative and highly efficient solar inverters for small and commercial PV plants as well as decentralized storage systems for solar power. Extensive service and maintenance contracts for all product groups complement this portfolio.
Other Products
Power Tools For Diy Enthusiasts

Power tools from Bosch are among the most popular tools worldwide. No wonder: Bosch stands for quality, excellent accessories and outstanding service.

With the right power tools, DIY is twice as enjoyable. With Bosch, you not only have more options, you also work much more precisely, flexibly, safely and far more productively. Our tools impress by their quality, first class handling and state-of-the-art technology. Whatever you want to build, you can do it with Bosch.

Garden Tools

Perfect care for your garden.

Whether it is mowing the lawn, high pressure cleaning or watering your plants – you are ideally equipped for all gardening tasks with innovative gardening appliances from Bosch.

With gardening appliances from Bosch, you will amaze both yourself and your neighbors. Trimming hedges and shrubs into shape, cutting lawn verges, or shredding branches and twigs – all is done quickly and safely with Bosch. Create exactly the garden of your dreams. This is also much more enjoyable when using our extensive range of innovative accessories. You will see: with the right Bosch tool, gardening becomes a joy.

Heating & Hot Water

Comfortable, energy-saving and environment-friendly
Bosch offers tailor made heating concepts for every home. You can benefit from individual system solutions and different system models.

Whenever you need heating and warm water at home, we provide the right equipment: It is convenient, eco-friendly, economic and uses the very latest technology – for gas heating, solar technology and hot water systems.

Household Appliances

Perfect technology for a comfortable life.
Bosch produces everything that makes household chores so much easier: Household appliances from Bosch stand for quality, innovative technology and excellent design.
Experts at Bosch constantly develop new ideas to make people’s daily lives more comfortable: Household appliances from Bosch have an accomplished design and include innovative, intelligent functions. Whether it is cooking, freezing, dish-washing, laundry washing or drying, our household appliances are intelligent, more enjoyable and look stylish too.

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