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Thermocouple, RTD


Among thermometers of practical use, thermocouples are suitable for a wide range of industrial applications in particu-lar, ranging from extremely low to extremely high tempera-tures. We manufacture the thermocouple temperature sensors in according with the customers’ needs. Some are of the weather-proof type intended for general industrial pur-pose. Others are of the explosion-proof type used in hazard-ous explosive areas. In applications where higher accuracy is required, RTD is suitable.

As in the case of thermocouples, various kinds of RTD tem-perature sensors are available at Tokyo Okazaki, including, of course, both weather-proof type for general industries and explosion-proof type for hazardous locations.

Thermocouple with thermowell
RTD with thermowell
Sheath thermocouple for extremely high press.
Sheath RTD
Thermocouple for special use
Sheath RTD for low temp. tank
Temperature Sensor Accessories

A variety of accessories are available for thermocouple and RTD sensors.

Compression fitting
Lead wire
Junction Box, Connector




Globe Valves


500M: VeCTor M Trim / 500D: VeCTor D Trim / 500J: VeCTor J Trim


In severe services of high temperature and high differential pres-sure, KOSO’s multi-stage trim (Pat.) promises accurate control and long life, free from cavitation erosion and noise problems, whether the fluid is compressive or non-compressive.

This Series is multi-ad-vantageous in that its improved performance and durabitity allows maintenance cost reduction and system simplification. Since such ancillaries as diffusers and silencers are not necessary, equipment cost can be reduced too. From 500M, 500D and 500J, depending on the fluid condition, most suitable model can be selected comparing functions and prices.



Body type
Body Styles 500M
Globe / Angle 500D
Globe / Angle 500J
Globe / Angle
Body size 1″ to 36″(900A) 1″ to 36″(900A) 1″ to 18″(450A)
Body rating ANSI Class 150 to 4500, JIS10K to 63K ANSI Class 150 to 4500, JIS10K to 63K ANSI Class 150 to 2500, JIS 10K to 63K
Fluid temperature -196 to +565° (-320F to +1050F)
Connections Flanged (RF, RTJ), Butt Weld, Socket Weld, Integral Flanges (RF, RTJ)
Body materials SCPH2/WCB, SCPH21/WC6, SCPL1/LCB, SCS13A/CF8, SCS14A/CF8M, A105, F11, F22, etc…
Trim materials SUS410/410SS, SUS630/SCS24, SUS316/SCS14A, INCONEL, etc…
Rangeability 50:1 to 20:1
Flow characteristics Linear , Modified Linear , Modified Eq%
Leakage Metal seat Rated ANSI Class IV, V or MSS-SP-61
Soft seat Bubbletight ANSI Class VI
Trim Levels Up to Level 24 Up to Level 40 Up to Level 8
Actuator combination 5200LA: Pneumatic Diaphragm Actuator
6300LA: Pneumatic Cylinder Actuator
3500LB,3600LB: Solid State Electronic Actuator
3800LA: Microprocessor REXA Actuator

331L: L Port 3-Way Ball Valves
331T: L Port 3-Way Ball Valves

331L Each of 331L series and 331T series is equipped with a spherical internal face. It is an automatic operation ball valve 2-position operation type used for shunt type that switches the fluid from one direction to two directions and for mixing type that switches the fluid from two directions to one direction. The standard drive unit is a combination of cylinder type and motor-operated type.
Body type 331L, 331T
Full bore size 1 1/2″(40A) to 12″(300A)
Reduced bore size 6″ × 4″ to 12″ × 10″
Body rating ANSI Class 150 to 300, JIS 10K to 20K
Fluid temperature -20 to +200°
Connections Flanged (RF)
Body materials SCPH2/WCB, SCS14A/CF8M. etc.
Ball materials SCS14A/CF8M Buffing
Seal ring materials Pure Teflon, Reinforced Teflon
Seat Leakage Tight shut off
Actuator combination 6300RB, 6500RA, 7300RA: Pneumatic Cylinder Actuator
3200RA, 3300RA, 3400RB: Electric Motor Actuator

5200: Pneumatic Diaphragm Actuators


This Series provides high performance, high power diaphragm actuators of multi-spring type that are compact and light. Receiving pneumatic or electric signals, the unit balances the force created when diaphragm is air-pressured through positioner and the force of compressed spring, so that the output shaft is controlled and placed at a set position.
Control of position by pneumatic signals (20 to 100Kpa) directly applied on diaphragm is also possible. Combination with KOSO positioner provides high accuracy position control.
Type Linear Stem Motion Type
5221LA 5227LA 5235LA 524SLA
524LLA 526SLA
Actuator size 218 270 350 450 650
Max. Output N 2185 3648 4315 7453 16475
N-m – – – – –
Air supply KPa 140, 300, 340 140, 300 300
Spring range Kpa 20 to 100, 80 to 200, 120 to 300 20 to 100, 80 to 200 80 to 200
Max. stroke/angle 20mm 30mm 40mm 80mm 110mm
Action Direct Action or Reverse Action
Environment temp. Standard type: -10 to +70°, Low temp.service: -40 to +40°, High Temp.service: 0 to +100°
Options Manual handle, Limit SW, Positioner, Air-set etc.
Type Rotary Stem Motion Type
5221RA 5227RA 5235RA 524LRA
Actuator size 218 270 350 450
Max. Output N – – – –
N-m 46.4 116.2 183.2 553.7
Air supply KPa 300, 340 300
Spring range Kpa 80 to 200, 120 to 300 20 to100, 80 to 200
Max. stroke/angle 60°
4800LA/4800RA/4800DA: Electro-Hydraulic Actuators


The M-MAC series is the electro-hydraulic actuator which combines the power of hydraulics, the reliability of solid state electronics and the flexibility of user-configured control.
It features a compact design, and all the major components of a hydraulic system are packaged with a stand alone modular actuator, which provides excellent value. Simply install, then hook up to the appropriate electric power source. M-MAC series also allows for precise positioning independent of load variation. The motor only operates when motion is required and it achieves the power consumption. The dedicated controller allows the user to set the desired actuator operation parameters.
Type Linear Stem Motion Type Rotary Stem Motion Type Crank Arm Motion Type
4800LA 4800RA 4800DA
Max. output 110000 N 20000 N·m 10000 N·m
Power source 100/200V AC 50/60 HZ
Options: 200 to 240V AC, 380 to 440V AC 50/60HZ
Max. stroke/angle 150mm 90°
Control signal 4 to 20mA DC, 1 to 5V DC, Two position, Manual(up/down push-button)
Environment temp. Actuator: -10 to +60°C
Positioning accuracy < 0.1% of full stroke
Enclosure type Protection class IP65 or equivalent
Options Manual Handpump, Accumulator
Electro-Pneumatic Positioner Lineup
EP800: Electro-Pneumatic Positioner

EP800This series is for positioning of pneumatic actuator oper-ated cotrol valves. Input signal 4 to 20mA DC is changed to air pressure. Accurate positioning is achieved by having valve position feedback from valve stem.
Type EPA800 for single acting EPC800 for double acting EPB800 for 5200LA actuator
Input signal / Characteriatic 4 to 20, 4 to 12, 12 to 20 mA DC / Linear
Air supply 140 to 700 KPa
Single acting type Double acting type
Linearity/Hysteresis +/-1.0% / 0.5% +/-1.5% / 0.8%
Response level/Repeatability 0.1% / 0.2% 0.2% / 0.3%
Air consumption Output air pressure(50%)
5 Nl/min. at Sup. 140 KPa [gaug] Output air pressure(50%)
15 Nl/min. at Sup. 400 KPa [gaug]
Max. capacity Output atomosphere
175 Nl/min. at Sup. 140 KPa [gaug] Output atomosphere
400 Nl/min. at Sup. 400 KPa [gaug]
Enclosure Weather proof type, Explosion proof type, Intrisically safe explosion proof type
Air/Electric wiring connection Rc. 1/4 / G1/2
Environment temp. Standard model: -20 to +80°, Low temp.model: -50 to +60°, High Temp.model: 0 to +100°

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