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We are leading Manufacturer for the Products which also includes Ultima Pumps & Ultra Pumps since 2006


Ultima Pumps


Domestic Gardening
Multistage High Efficiency
Low Power Consumption
Thermal Protection
Rugged Design

Ultra Pumps

High Rise Buildings
Industrial Plants
Water supply & Treatment
Car&Bike washing

Winner Pumps

Sump to Storage Tanks
Small Boosters
Car washing

Medical Ro

Automatic Membrne Flush
loop disinfection
LCD display
Micro controller system
100% srainless steel pipes

Cabinet Booster

Water Hammer Protection
Quiet Operation
Electronic pressure Transducer
Dry Run Protection
Space Saving

Evolution 201/220 UV-Visible Spectrophotometer
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2011 R&D 100 Award Winner. Empower your analysis and bring versatility and productivity to your lab with the new Thermo Scientific* Evolution 201 and 220 UV-Vis systems. With next-generation INSIGHT software for on-board and computer control, your instrument is always up to date and ready for the next challenge. Take your routine measurements to the next level with our Customized User Environment (CUE) software which allows you to completely customize both the logical measurement steps and the output environment.

For routine to research analysis, this instrument series offers real innovations that provide enhanced usability and performance – without added complexity. With straightforward software, cutting-edge instrumentation and a wide selection of accessories, the Evolution 201 and 220 systems work with you to perform experiments the way you want – for the results you need.


 INSIGHT Software

—Sophistication Simplified
Personalize your home screen for easy navigation and convenience
Workbook tools save time and ensure accurate results
CUE scripting allows creation of customized interface and simplified workflow

Optimized Engineering Delivers Ultimate Performance
Double-beam geometry with 1nm spectral bandwidth for precision measurements
Application Focused Beam Geometry (AFBG) technology enables the best performance from microcells, solid samples, and fiber optic probes
Xenon flash lamp requires no warm-up time allowing instant measurements
Electronic triggering provides the highest level of accuracy for rapid-mixing kinetics measurements
Precision monochromator drive delivers fast scanning data collection and wavelength accuracy
Powerful Convenience at your Fingertips
Color, touch screen provides instrument control using built-in computer
Integrated keypad allows communication with INSIGHT software
Choice of Local or PC configurations provides flexibility and convenience
Accessories for all your Sampling Needs
Wide accessory selection with various temperature control options, sample changers, sippers and solid sampling devices complete your analysis
Choice of Peltier Single Cell Holder or a Smart 8-Cell Peltier system for temperature control and sample monitoring from 0° to 100 °C
Easy software integration gives you complete control of your measurements
Assurance of System Performance
The Thermo Scientific UV Validator package provides support for system qualification and validation activities
Documentation facilitates compliance of your system with the requirements of FDA,GxP, ISO 9001:2000 and ISPE 2001 guidelines and regulations
Mercury Lamp accessory is available to perform instrument calibration
Thermo Scientific INSIGHT security software provides complete tools to meet 21 CFR Part 11 requirements



Evolution 300 UV-Visible Spectrophotometer

The Thermo Scientific Evolution 300 is ideal for life science, pharmaceutical and QA/QC applications. A wide selection of accessories and a low cost of ownership make it a versatile and affordable addition to the lab. The powerful Xenon lamp-based platform and variable bandwidth make the Evolution 300 ideal for life science, pharmaceutical and QA/QC applications. A selection of VISION software packages expand instrument capability and Smart Accessories make your analyses easier to perform. The walk-up convenience of the Xenon lamp saves valuable time and increases your lab’s productivity.



Xenon Lamp

Provides excellent performance over the full wavelength range
Ready to use without instrument warmup for fast readings
Activates only when taking a measurement; extended lamp life lowers cost of instrument ownership
3-year warranty
Key Features
5 variable spectral bandwidth settings for matching customer assays to instrument
Acquisition rate: 50 data points per second
Longlife Xenon lamp
Optional Smart Accessories For Any Application
Full line available for Life Sciences and QA/QC
Install or remove without restarting the instrument
Built-in software instantly identifies and configures to accommodate accessory
Each accessory has a unique serial number that is recorded for comprehensive event logs and audit trail capabilities
Automated performance verification with CVC accessory
Mercury lamp accessory is available for testing and defining wavelength accuracy


PC Control

Enables data collection and distribution to third party applications for advanced processing and archiving
Uses powerful VISION software suite to control instrument
Collects, stores, recalls and analyzes data
Local and PC Control
Combines keypad and PC control systems for maximum flexibility in labs with a variety of experimental needs



Evolution 600 UV-Visible Spectrophotometer

Thermo Scientific Evolution 600 incorporates a high-performance optical design, versatile VISION software packages, and the highest quality accessories for the most demanding materials science and research applications. It provides a total analysis solution for materials science reflectance and transmission measurments, spectroscopy research, optical component characterization, and color analysis.
Adding the industry-unique Diffuse Reflectance Accessory to the Evolution 600 provide a cost-effective, industry-compliant solution for measuring solid samples by reflectance and transmission. A variety of Smart Accessories expand the capabilities of the instrument and increase productivity by providing easy installation, seamless software integration, and serial number tracking.
Sensitive photomultiplier tube (PMT) detector for wide measurement across dynamic range
Auto-aligning lamp optics give perfect alignment each time instrument is started
0.2nm spectral bandwidth for high-resolution data
Full line of accessories for analyzing solid samples


Powerful Accessories For Demanding Applications

Easy reflectance sample mounting using the Diffuse Reflectance accessory
Analyze a very small quantity of powder samples with the Praying Mantis accessory
A full line of relative specular reflectance accessories for any application


Power Beyond Solid Samples

Unique Smart Accessories* install or remove without restarting the instrument
Full range of autosamplers and cell changers for laboratory automation
Accurate and reliable temperature control with Peltier-based accessories


VISION Software Control

Enables a full suite of data collection and manipulation tools
Custom software for color analysis and analysis of solid samples
21 CFR Part 11 compliance for regulated laboratories


Local and Software Control

Combines both instrument and PC-control systems for maximum flexibility in labs with a variety of experimental needs
UV-Visible Spectrophotometer Accessories
Spectrophotometer Fiber Optic Probes
Fiber optic probes to simplify your routine analyses.

Spectrophotometer Replacement Parts
Replacement mercury lamps.

Spectrophotometer Filters
Spectrophotometer filters traceable to international standards.
Spectrophotometer Sample and Cell Holders
A variety of specialized sample and cell holders to suit your application.
Spectrophotometer Reference Materials and Reagents
Spectrophotometer solutions and reagents traceable to international standards.
Spectrophotometer Sippers
Liquid sampling accessories to simplify your routine analyses.
Spectrophotometer Reflectance Accessories
Perform transmission and reflectance measurements using one of our solid sample accessories.


Spectrophotometer Software

A powerful and versatile software suite to enhance the productivity of your UV-Visible spectrophotometer.
Wide selection of easy-to-use, versatile accessories for almost any sample type or application.
From innovative micro-volume instruments for life scientists, to breakthrough solid sampling accessories for high-end materials research, no matter the sample type, size or form, we have the best UV-Vis instrumentation to meet your analytical needs. Our spectrophotometers provide scientists with a range of solutions from the simple, routine applications to the sophisticated, customized analysis.


GENESYS 10S Visible Spectrophotometer

Thermo Scientific GENESYS 10S Vis ideal for basic QA/QC, routine analysis, teaching and educational laboratories. Precision electronics and simple, single-beam optical geometry provide accurate measurements.
For analysis in visible spectrum, incorporating tungsten lamp and 5.0nm spectral bandwidth.
Easy transport and store
Operates without computer control
Acquire scanning, fixed wavelength, kinetics, or concentration data using embedded software
Extend experiment types with application software on computer
Save data to USB memory device
Automated Performance
Increase sample throughput with integrated 6-cell changer
Rely on accurate data with pre-programmed verification methods
Go beyond GENESYS 10S instrument with accessories available for every type of sample
GENESYS 20 Visible Spectrophotometer
Thermo Scientific GENESYS 20 is a compact, low-cost, easy-to-use, Visible spectrophotometer designed for classrooms and routine laboratories. A simple, 4-step measurement process and optional VISIONlite* software make the GENESYS 20 the most cost-effective, visible spectrophotometer available.
Multiple purpose capabilities allow you to measure a wide range of analytes.



Precise and Reliable

Compact footprint provides a space-saving, convenient system
Intuitive keyboard with integrated controls and LCD display
Routine measurements require just a few keystrokes
Direct measurement of routine absorbance or transmittance data
Concentration mode for single point standard or factor-based quantitative analysis
Optional holders for test tubes and long path cells to 50mm
User-selectable choice of five languages (English, French, German, Spanish, Italian)
Bidirectional RS-232-C interface
Low Cost of Ownership
Cleanable, chemical-resistant surfaces and rugged design withstands harsh laboratory environments
Few moving parts; virtually maintenance-free operation
Choose instrument with or without integral printer
Nano Drop 2000C UV-Visible Spectrophotometer
Innovative Design. Maximum Performance.
The NanoDrop 2000c is the only spectrophotometer that combines microvolume pedestal technology and cuvette capability in a single instrument. The NanoDrop 2000c is a complete UV-Vis solution with
pre-configured methods for all common nucleic acid and protein concentration and purity measurements, in both microvolume and cuvette modes.
Dual-mode UV-Vis spectrophotometer with microvolume and cuvette capability:
Features the same patented sample retention system* as the NanoDrop 2000 spectrophotometer for measurement of 0.5 – 2 µL DNA, RNA, and protein samples
Measure very low and high concentration samples
(0.4 – 15,000 ng/µL dsDNA)
Cuvette capability allows for kinetics (time or time / temperature studies) and cell culture (OD 600) measurements
Cuvette position includes temperature control (37° C) and stirring
Custom methods capability in both modes


Nano Drop 2000 UV-Visible Spectrophotometer
Smart. Simple. Robust.

The NanoDrop 2000 is a microvolume spectrophotometer for measuring DNA, RNA, and protein. Using the patented sample retention system* the NanoDrop 2000 accurately measures samples as small as 0.5 µL, and reports sample concentration, purity ratios, and full spectral data.


Full spectral microvolume UV-Vis analysis:

Fast measurement time of less than 5 seconds – just pipette, measure, and wipe clean
Measure 0.5 – 2 µL DNA, RNA, and protein samples
Software includes pre-configured methods for measuring nucleic acids, Protein A280 and colorimetric assays, and flexible customized methods
Measure concentrations up to 15,000 ng/µl (dsDNA) – eliminating the need for dilutions
Low-cost operation – no plates or other consumables
Perfect for proteins with low wavelength absorbance, such as peptides at 205 nm



Nano Drop Lite UV-Visible Spectrophotometer

Simple Analysis. Compact Delivery.
The NanoDrop Lite is a standalone microvolume instrument which uses our patented sample-retention system to deliver the same exceptional accuracy and reproducibility as other NanoDrop instruments. Its compact design, with built-in controls and software, makes the NanoDrop Lite small enough to fit on any benchtop, but powerful enough to deliver rapid, accurate and reproducible measurements.
The NanoDrop Lite is designed for labs that want the trusted NanoDrop technology, but don’t need the full performance or spectral data of the NanoDrop 2000|2000c or NanoDrop 8000. It is also ideal for labs that already have a NanoDrop instrument or that share a
NanoDrop instrument with other labs.


Basic microvolume measurements with powerful local control:

Employs the unique NanoDrop microvolume sampling technology for 1 µL nucleic acid and protein samples
Measure nucleic acid concentration at 260 nm and purity using the 260/280 ratio
Measure purified protein concentration at 280 nm
Delivers the accuracy and reproducibility expected from


NanoDrop instruments

Uses built-in controls and software — no computer required
Offers an optional printer for cryogenic labels
Nano Drop 8000 UV-Visible Spectrophotometer
High Throughput Efficiency and Accuracy
The NanoDrop 8000 delivers full-spectrum UV-Vis absorbance measurements for up to eight samples at one time. Using the patented sample retention system* the NanoDrop 8000 provides the same accurate 1 µL DNA, RNA, and protein sample measurements as our single channel spectrophotometers.

Displaying a full-spectrum for all samples, the NanoDrop 8000 is designed for higher throughput evaluation of precious samples when downstream requirements for sample QC are critical



Accurately measure more samples in less time:


Improved productivity with the capability of analyzing from one to eight 1 µl samples at one time
Measure up to 96 samples in less than six minutes
Innovative, user-friendly software
Sample Position Illuminator reduces error by keeping track of the samples to be measured
Full-spectral data displayed for each sample (220 – 750 nm)
Measure nucleic acid concentration and purity (2.5 – 3,700 ng/µL for dsDNA)
Measure protein concentration and purity (0.15 – 100 mg/mL for BSA)
Karl Fisher Titrator
With the valuable assistance of our skilled engineers, we emerged as one of the most demanded and skilled Manufacturer and supplier of Karl Fisher Titrator. Offered range is designed with the use of quality raw materials and modern machines. We ensure our customers that our offered goods are available at cost effective rates.
* Quality high
* Durable
* Accurate reading

Karl Fisher Titrimeter
Glass agencies are manufacturer of karl fisher titrimeter under erose brand
Glass Agencies
Fisher Scientifics
High-quality glassware and supplies designed to perform flawlessly in demanding laboratory environments.Put your trust in proven products developed by industry experts for performance, usability and cost effectiveness.
Leading Supplier
Karl Fisher Moisture Analyzer
Veego / Matic-EX
* Advanced Volumetric Titrator
* Valveless Dispenser for uninterrupted operations
* Informative graphic display for user friendly operations
* Method storage facility up to 100 files
* Automatic drift compensation
* Password protected data
* Supports two methods for factor: Water and DST
* Results in Percent, PPM and mg of H2O
* Range of Moisture Detection: 50 PPM to 100% with appropriate sample size
* Printouts: …

Karl Fisher Titration Apparatus

Karl Fisher Titrimeter is used for determination of water in liquid or solid samples, according to Karl-Fisher electrochemical method as per standards prescribed by IS:2362 or IP or any other international standards.
It is suitable for small quantity of ree water and water of crystallization in Pharmaceuticals, Food Products, Petrochemical compounds, Fertiliser, Cosmetics, Insecticides and Organic as well as inorganic compounds.
Commercial Instruments
Karl Fisher Titration
Meke : Veego/Analab/Sken



The instrument is designed for accurate estimation of moisture in various Solid, Liquids or Gas samples. It works on Volumetric Principle.
The instrument is having a built in magnetic stirrer with speed controller. The Karl Fischer Reagent is added automatically to the reaction beaker by a highly sensitive motorized dispensing system. This dispensing system eliminates the need of Glass Burette, Piston Type Syringe, and Cont…
C. Abhaykumar & Co.
We have emerged as the leading exporter, distributer and supplier of a qualitative array of Karl FIsher Titrator. The offered titrator highly demanded in various industries. Assisted by our vendors diligent team of professionals, this product is manufactured as per the set industrial norms. It uses a highly sensitive motorized dispensing system for precise control of titrator volumes. This range is fully equipped with advanced features that enhance its usability and functionality.
* Auto Computation of Moisture in ppm, %& mg H2O.
* …



Thermo Fisher


Our organization is involved in offering an extensive array of Thermo Fisher (Total Nitrogen & Sulfur Analyzer). The future-proof Total Nitrogen and Total Sulfur analyzer is equipped with various sample-introduction modules for liquids, solids, and gases. Two high-end thermo fluorescence and chemiluminescence detectors are used for simultaneous sulfur and nitrogen detection. This analysis and fully complies with DIN, ASTM, IP, and CEN standards.
Star Supplier
Fisher Clamp (New Improved Model)



Burette Clamp Fisher Type

Provided with a positive grip and release. Comprising lightweight but mechanically strong body with plated jaws, rubber covered having spring action which effects positive grip. A single thumbscrew secures the clamp to rod of nominal 13mm dia. To hold two burettes.
Laboratory Instruments
ThermometerPh MeterConstant Temperature Water BathViscometric BathMuffle FurnaceHeating MentalCooling CabinetsDehumidifireBulk Density ApparatusAntibiotic Zone Reader COD Digester BOD Incubator Vacuum OvenAutoclaveTablet Hardness TesterColony CounterFriability Test ApparatusD T MachineMicroscopeAnalytical Balance…
Thermo Fisher Scientific
We bring forth Thermo Fisher Scientific for our customers at affordable market prices. These products are inclusive of chemicals, laboratory equipment and supplies meant to cater to science education, healthcare, safety and research. The entire range is manufactured at hi-tech facilities by the vendors, who strive to meet up to the expectations of the valuable end customers.



Salient Features

* Auto Titration Control
* Auto Zero Burette
* Visual & Audible Alarm
* Adjustable Timer
We are engaged in supplying a wide range of Laboratory Instruments, which is procured from reliable vendors such as Thermo Fisher, IKA, Hanna, Remi, Eutech, Veego, Bio Technics, Equiptronics, Dhona, Shimadzu and Orion. These instruments are widely demanded in diverse industries such as sugar, paper, pharmaceutica…
Digital Automatic Karl Fisher Titrator
We bring for you Digital Automatic Karl Fisher Titrator CL-530. It is an automatic Titrator, with a variable speed stirrer. It gives high accuracy in measurements, and is the best available in the industry. For accurate determination of moisture, this is fully automatic and completely eliminates human error.
Specifications: Moisture Range 10 ppm To 100 % Accuracy Display Readability 0.01 ML To 99.99 ML. Stirrer Variable Speed Power 230V, 50Hz
Digital Karl Fisher
This eliminates the use of fragile glassware like burette. In turn parallax errors, auto zero errors are eliminated.
Scientific Instruments


Scientific Instruments:

* Abbe Refractometer
* Alcohol meter more…
V-Care Impex
Laboratory Instrument
We offer laboratory Instrument to our clients at normal range. These instruments are very strong in body construction and provide superb performance.
Types Of Laboratory Instrument:
ABBE Refractometer Automatic Pipettee Washer All Glass Water Still Automatic Water Still Automatic Karl Fisher Titration Apparatus Automatic-Vertical-Horizontal Blood Bank Refrigrator Blood Bank Refrigerator Bomb Colorimeter Boiling Point Apparatus Bulk Density Apparatus Centrifuges-Singl……

Thermo Hygrometer Mechanical

Our clients can avail from us a wide range of Thermo Hygrometer (Mechanical). These are used for measuring room temperature and humidity. These Hygrometers are offered in mechanical options and are easy to operate. Further, these are confirmed on international quality parameters to ensure reliable performance and…

Laboratory Equipment

We are reputed suppliers engaged in offering a wide assortment of laboratory equipments to our customers. These products are made of high grade raw material.

Hygrometer Mechanical

We are involved in importing, manufacturing and supplying of Hygrometer Mechanical. Hygrometer is an mechanical instrument for ascertaining the presence of water vapors in the air at specific temperature. Modern hygrometers are based on digital technology and widely used in domestic houses, offices and commercial…
Hypersil Columns
Classical Hypersil columns from Thermo Fisher Scientific have global recognition as an industry standard in HPLC with high quality, reproducible columns since 1976.
* Hypersil 100 C8 Columns
* Hypersil APS-2 Columns
* Hypersil CPS Columns
* Hypersil CPS-2 Colum…

Karl Fischer Titration Apparatus

HAMCO AUTO KARL FISCHER TITRATION APPARATUS is used for accurate determination of moisture in various samples. The instrument is housed in a mild steel cabinet duly powder coated with built in magnetic stirrer & attached titration stand. Controls are mounted on the front panel for easy operation. HAMCO Karl fish…
Heraeus Cryofuge 6000i and 8500i Refrigerated Blood Processing Floor Mifugeodel Centrifuge
-86 Freezer for Plasma Storage
-40 Freezer for Plasma Storage
ELISA Reader
ELISA Washer
Scientific Instruments & Equipments
Autoclaves: Available in various sizes. Balances: Single Pan Analytical Balance, Two Pan Chemical and Analytical Balance, Dhona Balance, Infra Red Moisture Balances. Stockist: Qualigens Glassware and Quartz Distillations, Cintex, Shital & Osworld Scientifics Instruments. Dealers: E-Merck, SD Fine, LOBA, Ranbaxy …
Karl Fisher (Manual and Automatic).
Chemistry Lab Equipment
The equipments for chemistry lab are made using latest technology& standards these equipment ensures complete reliability in its operations. We can provide a wide range of equipment to support our customers need.Abba RefractrometerAnalytical BalanceAutoclaveAutomatic Pipette WasherBalancesBOD IncubatorBoiling Point AppBottle Washing MachineBunsen BurnerBurette PipetteCalculator Simple ScientificCalormeters Photo ElectricCentrifugal Machine ElectordeChartsChemical BalanceChinomatic Air DempingChromotographs App./CabinetCondensor AirCondensor LeibigsConductivity Bridge Analog/DigitalConductivity MeterCork Boring Machine ElectricCrucible Silica/Sintered/NickelDeioniserDigital Balance MicroprocessorDigital InstrumentsDigital Ph MeterDissolved Oxygen MeterDistillation App. Borosil GlassDistillation Apparatus NitrogenDistillation UnitDistillation Unit ElectricDroppers Borosil/PyrexDeioniserElectric BurnerElectronic Balance DigitalEnvironment ChamberExtraction App. (Soxhelt) GlassFilter PaperFilter WhatmanFilter SheetFlame PhotometerFortins BarometerFunnel StandFusion TubeGas Plant AutomaticGas Plant Mini 2/4/8 BurnersGlass Ware DryerGlazed TilesGlazed GlassGlazed PencilGlazed GlovesHand Centrifugal MachineHand RefractrometerHeating MentalHot Air BlowerHot HeatersHot Air OvenHot HeatersHot Plate RoundHot Plate SquareIncubatorIncubator ShakerInfra Red Moisture BalanceKarl Fisher TitrimeterKipps ApparatusKipps ApparatusKipps Apparatus PolytheneKjeldhal Apparatus Electric…

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