RTTI- Reliance Technical Training Institute

Training on Industrial SCCADA & HMI

HMI/Touch Screen Design
Course Objectives: Modern  industrial  plants  rely  heavily  on  HMI, generally driven at PLCs. Engineers dealing with  HMI  must  be  well  trained  to  be  able  to  operate,  run, troubleshoot  and  understand  of  HMI.  This  course reviews  designing HMI for industry.


Target Audience: The course is intended for engineers and specialized technical staff involved with the specification, operation, and management of installations employing machine, and those working with power station auxiliaries and electric power generation and power system quality. The topics in the course will enable participants to achieve stability, and efficient energy performance in their plants. The course will also be valuable for personnel who are dealing with automation system.



  • Introduction to HMI  
      • Hardware Description
      • Configuration between HMI and PLC.
      • New window creation & linking.


    • Button creation and design.
    • Numeric Scaling & Demonstration.
    • Output design.
    • Multi-state word lamps and switches.
    • Alarm Creation.
    • Admin and User Role creation and security assigned.
    • Log creation and monitoring.
    • Trend Graph.
    • Controlling field devices.
    • Tricks & Tips


  • Over all Course Discussion
  • Examination
  • Certificate Distribution